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Scary Right Wing Thoughts

There are a couple of items that I wanted to string together tonight–

  • Governor Sarah Palin hates America. She has spoken before people who she says “have no use for America or her damned institutions.” Wow. That’s worse that Reverend Jeremiah Wright, isn’t it? New article in ties Palin with Alaska’s Independance Party.
  • President Palin.  AAAaaauuugghhh.  Too scary.
  • Looks like Palin’s husband kinda sank Sarah in Troopergate. His testimony clearly shows that he and Sarah had at least a couple of personal beefs with State Trooper Mike Wooten. We’ll get a final report from the investigator on Friday. The McCain camp has already released “their own report.”

More on the AIP and Sarah Palin — check out the video.

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Worst People in the World

  • Dallas-Fort Worth reporter who misheard Reverend Jeremiah Wright and thought that he called Texas Christian University a God-less college. This wasn’t even close.
  • McCain for not getting on board with Senator Webb’s GI Bill
  • Bill O’Reilly for being Bill O’Reilly

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