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Atlantis Returns

Sweet landing. I love watching the Space Shuttle. It appears that Atlantis had a great trip with no major flaws.

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Bin Laden returns

So, Hannity says, “Liberals want to tie this to the War on Iraq as a means for having not gotten him. The best opportunity we did have was when Sudan offered Bin Laden to America to Clinton and we passed on it 3 times.”

Aren’t Republicans the party of responsibility? Then why hasn’t the R’s gotten bin Laden yet? Why did we allow Bin Laden to escape from Kabul? Why did we allow Bin Laden to escape from the Tora Bora mountains? As a matter of fact, wasn’t that the purpose for going to Afghanistan? To kill or capture those responsible for September 11th?

Clinton being offered Bin Laden…Only a couple of right wing dudes have claimed this. There is no collaborating data that I’m aware of. But Hannity continues to bring this up like it was fact.

Missing Bin Laden in Tora Bora is a fact but for some reason Hannity doesn’t seem to want to talk about that.

Again, the R’s are trying to deflect attention away from the real problem. Spying on americans. The War in Iraq is still not going as we had hoped.

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