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Wednesday Evening News Roundup

Wednesday Evening News Roundup

We must remember the Republican strategy that was devised by Nixon and perfected by Reagan – divide and conquer. You must paint your opponent as someone who is not one of us. He’s not a real American. They did it to John Kerry. They did it to Al Gore. Now, a Romney aide stated that President Obama does not understand the “Anglo-Saxon heritage” shared by the United States and Britain. It is almost as if he were an outsider. He didn’t take Western Civilization in junior high school. Fortunately, our president did pay attention in junior high school, high school and college. He understands our heritage extremely well. This is just another attempt to paint the president as an outsider.

Progressives versus Regressives by Robert Reich

While in London, Mitt Romney is hoping to bask in the glory of the Olympics. He’s hoping that some of the Olympic magic may rub off on him. While in London, he will be meeting with a group of extremely influential bankers (never mind the banking LIBOR scandal) who are paying upwards of $75,000 per plate to have dinner with him. You already know what’s going to be discussed. Cut regulations. Let us continue to rape and pillage America, Europe and the world. (more…)

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Republican strategy and President Obama

The Republican strategy to win elections is not new. The Republican strategy was first really put into play by Richard Milhouse Nixon. In the 1950s and early 1960s, the former president learned how to divide a populace and get elected. He used the classic Republican strategies: hot button topics and demonizing your opponent. While you wrap yourself in Mom, apple pie and the American flag, you paint your opponent as an outsider. Your opponent is someone who is not quite as American as you are. Your opponent represents something different. Specifically, you must attack your opponent’s strengths. You must take their strengths and make them weaknesses. Whether it is a war veteran like Max Cleland or John Kerry, the GOP painted these men as cowards and as un-American.

This brings me to Barack Obama and his birth certificate. There was plenty of evidence that Barack Obama was born United States. As a matter fact, the evidence was overwhelming. We have the fact that his “short” birth certificate was certified by the state of Hawaii. What is the incentive for Hawaii to lie? Do they get any monetary reward for saying that Barack Obama is really a citizen when he is not? Is there any significant prestige that goes with saying that the sitting president is from your state? Sure, there are some benefits, including financial grants, but is it worth it to create a whole conspiracy? I doubt it. To me, the most convincing aspect to this story was the fact that both Honolulu papers back in 1961 carried the birth announcement of Barack Hussein Obama. I just don’t know how you think you can make that up.

So, yesterday, the president of the United States released the long form of his birth certificate. Now, the controversy is over.

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No, it is not. The controversy was never about the birth certificate. The controversies are about the man himself. Remember the Republican strategy. Paint the president as someone who is somehow un-American. Paint him as someone who is less American than you and I. The long form of the birth certificate, then, will not be enough. There are several avenues of attack. The long form is not legitimate. Look at Donald “I’m a publicity whore” Trump, how he effortlessly pivoted from the birth certificate to Obama’s college and postgraduate diplomas. If President Obama was not a good student, how did he get into Harvard? “Release more information,” they cry. There will never be enough information.

Here is the take-home lesson. Republicans will never stop. They will always play their card – He is not one of us. Finally, Republicans will never admit that they’re wrong. Never.

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I Drill, You Drill, We All Drill in ANWR

Solar panels on White HouseI was recently sent an email arguing for for drilling in ANWR. This email dovetails very nicely into a recent Republican strategy which can be summed up in a phrase: drilling our way out of the oil crisis.

For everyone over the age of 25, we’ve been here before. In late 1970s, as oil prices began to skyrocket, we had a debate in this country over oil and energy independence. Our president at the time was Jimmy Carter argued for conservation. Carter and a Democratic Congress who pushed for higher fuel standards in cars. He asked Americans to turn down thermostats. He even had a fireside chat from the White House wearing a sweater. He argued for development of alternative energy. President Carter went so far as to put solar panels on the White House.

Since 1980, we lived under a Republican dominated government. President Reagan could not wait to take down solar panels. There was no push from the Reagan administration or either of the two Bush administrations for conservation, for higher fuel standards or for developing alternative energies. Instead, slowly but surely, we’ve injected more and more of our money into oil technology. The pinnacle of the strategy was for the current Bush administration to actually give our tax dollars to the “failing” oil industry. The results of these policies is nothing short of déjà vu all over again. We are currently in another oil crisis. We have the opportunity to either learn from the past or to push America back into oil dependence.

I’m not an energy expert but I do know that we have to decrease our dependence on oil. I guess there are two ways to look at this. We can either wean ourselves off of our dependence or we can stop cold turkey. It is hard for me to understand how drilling anywhere, whether in northern Alaska or off our shores, will help us reach our goal of energy independence from the Middle East (remember they are the guys that hate us). Instead, more drilling seems to be the equivalent giving just “a little bit” of heroin to a heroin addict.

Either through regulation or through tax incentives, we have to encourage business to pump tens of billions of dollars into developing alternative energies. There won’t be one simple solution. Instead, there should be multiple solutions to our energy problem. In some areas of the country solar panels make sense. In other areas of the country, wind power and tidal power may be the answer. As far as nuclear energy, I think France has shown that nuclear energy can be done safely. My problem with nuclear energy is that we end up with radioactive waste that will decay over thousands of years. We, as a country, have not decided what to do with this nuclear waste. Nobody seems to want it in their backyard. Therefore, until the problem of how to dispose of nuclear waste is decided, it seems reckless to build more nuclear reactors.

Finally, we have to address the politics of this situation. Republicans have clearly had a mutual and symbiotic relationship with big business over the last 30 to 40 years (probably much longer). If Republicans are pushing an idea, you can be guaranteed that the idea is not helping the average American worker. Instead, the idea helps big business. Drilling everywhere will clearly help big business. How does it help the average American today and tomorrow? With the oil industry owning over 4000 undeveloped and unexplored oil leases off the American coasts, it seems to me that we need to develop what we have before we look for more. We can help the average American worker by developing energy alternatives which will open tens of thousands of jobs in these fields. Now, that’s a plan that will put money into the pocket of the average American worker.

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