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So what happened? How did Barack Obama win?

Several weeks ago, some Americans made broad pronouncements that Barack Obama had lost the election. He was desperate. It was over. I stated that the widely available facts did not support this conclusion; that Barack Obama was going to lose, nor that he was in trouble. There are any number of blogs and websites for tracking polls and giving us, the voters, real time information. By far, the best and most accurate was Nate Silver’s 538 blog, which is now part of the New York Times. Nate Silver is part of the New York Times, not because he is a liberal,

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Palin guilty of abusing power

Governor Sarah Palin the maverick seems really to be Governor Sarah Palin the run-of-the-mill power-abusing neocon. She’s the same as Bush: no better, no worse. The AP reports: Branchflower said Palin violated a statute of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act. Palin and McCain’s supporters had hoped the inquiry’s finding would be delayed until after the presidential election to spare her any embarrassment and to put aside an enduring distraction as she campaigns as McCain’s running mate in an uphill contest against Democrat Barack Obama. But the panel of lawmakers voted to release the report, although not without dissension. “I think

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Corsi Peddling His Book

Jerome Corsi’s book “Obama Nation” will debut at #1 on the New York Times best sellers list. As with his previous book “Unfit to Command” (a swift full of lies), a coordinated effort has been made to make this book look like it is very popular. There are huge bulk sales. I’m not sure if each republican state party or county party are required to buy the book, but one or more groups have bought this book. In the following clip, Corsi continues to push the notion that Senator Barack Obama’s birth certificate that is on his web site is a

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