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Rachel Maddow destroys Mitt Romney, why? (Update)

Last night, Rachel Maddow took her opening segment and simply roasted and toasted Mitt Romney. My question is why?

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Mitt Romney is not a strong candidate. He has never been a strong candidate. The whole Republican field is weak. Each of the candidates has huge flaws. This is no secret. Anyone who’s been following the campaigns can, off the top of their head, name tons of flaws that each of these candidates has. Yet, for some reason, Rachel Maddow decided that she needed to shine the spotlight on Mitt Romney.

You do not have to be a political junkie, as I am, to be able to understand that Mitt Romney has changed his position on several major issues. The healthcare law that he instituted in Massachusetts is basically the same law that President Obama tried to institute across the United States. This is a fact. Yet, somehow Mitt Romney has tried to parse this into something that it isn’t. If you remember that whole brouhaha over whether Mitt Romney really hunts or not and what he hunts, well, that was craziness. That was not some tricky question. Instead, that was Mr. “I’m awkward” Romney just trying to fit in. He doesn’t. He’s uncomfortable in crowds. He’s uncomfortable talking in front of people. Yet, here he is, running for president.

I love Rachel Maddow. I think she is the brightest woman on television. I just don’t understand what is to be gained by telling liberals, her audience, that Mitt Romney is who we think he is. I’m just saying. Okay, Mitt Romney has proven over the last several years that he will do anything, say anything and be anybody in order to become president. Okay, now it’s out there.

Update: Yesterday on NPR they introduced a segment by asking the question, “How would President Romney handle Afghanistan?” What? President Romney? A chill went up my spine. Now, I understand what Rachel was talking about. Think about it. President Romney. He can’t settle on one position for anything. Even Clinton was better at standing firm than Romney. There is almost no subject in which Romney hasn’t changed his position in some sort of major way. So, Romney on Afghanistan? My goal is for us, the American people, not to go through a Romney presidency. The fact that he is talking about doubling down, no, tripling down on Afghanistan…doesn’t make any sense to me. We need to get out. We need to leave a force that is large enough to crush any terrorist camp or outpost that pops up. That’s it. We need to come home. I’m not sure what Romney’s position is and whatever it is I suspect that it will change… with the wind.

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Tuesday Morning News RoundUp

Pardon me if I sleep my way through Super Tuesday. The only thing that is super about today is the fact that the media has gotta do everything that they can to try to prop up Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and maybe even Ron Paul. If Mitt Romney wins by a landslide then there’s nothing else to cover until after each party has their national convention. Billions of dollars of ad revenue will be lost. We wouldn’t want to have that. So, let’s pretend like this is really a race and sit riveted to our television sets this evening. It’s all fake surprise as Rick Santorum will come close, yes, but still will have failed miserably again tonight. (BTW, how are you a real candidate and you’re not on the ballot in Virginia? Seriously?) The problem is that this is the worst Republican field in probably more than 20 years. The media and everybody else is trying to get us to “understand” that this is a very close race. Whatever.

Women are getting screwed.

Playing the part of the old crotchety grandfather is John McCain. On cue, he called for America to bomb Syria into submission.

Donald Payne

Representative Donald Payne, the first African-American to represent New Jersey in Congress has died early this morning at age 77. My heart goes out to his family.

A new study suggests that digital healthcare records may not cut costs. Personally, I thought that the data suggesting that healthcare will get a windfall from digitizing its records was naïve at best. Simply putting all paper records into some digital format was a gargantuan task. Then, figuring out how to get that information into a readable format for doctors and other healthcare professionals is an ongoing problem.

Did you know that there are some people that believe that Vladimir Putin may have engineered his reelection? Shocking.

It seems that Newt Gingrich has some anger management issues. There seems to be an overtone of bitterness in his campaign. Maybe, just maybe, it might be because he was running to prove that he’s a legitimate force in Washington only to find out that he’s really not a legitimate force in Washington.

A new bill has been introduced in the Ohio State Legislature which would make men undergo psychological screening before being able to get a prescription. 🙂

It looks like the United States, Iran and several other countries have agreed to nuclear talks. I think the US and the rest of the world understand that these talks are nothing more than a delaying tactic. Iran really, really wants to get into the nuclear club. That’s not going to happen.

What stories are you following?

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Gary Johnson?

Here's a picture of Gary Johnson so you know what he looks like.

Did you know Gary Johnson is running for the Republican nomination for president? Neither did I. Now, he has decided to run as an Independent. Let me see if I’ve gotten this straight. In possibly the weakest Republican field in four decades, Gary Johnson can’t get any traction. Therefore, he has decided to run as an Independent because Independent bids are so likely to get traction. I wish them luck with that political maneuver. To make matters worse, he’s running as a Libertarian. I might be wrong, but I think Ron Paul has all of the Libertarians who are not jumping on the Republican bandwagon. Maybe Ron Paul wants to share?

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