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Obama’s Press Conference (with video)

While the completely predictable unfolds on TV, I’d like to spend just a couple of minutes talking about the president’s press conference this afternoon. One of the first topics that the president addressed was Syria. Syria is smack dab in the region of pain. It is surrounded by Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea. Armenia, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan are also in the region. As I predicted several weeks ago, the killings will continue. I see no incentive for the besieged president to stop killing his people. Members of the international community, led by the league

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Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Today voters go to the polls in Michigan and Arizona. We’ve had 20 debates and over a year of campaigning for some candidates. Who would’ve thought that Michigan was going to be a key state? In 2008, Mitt Romney smoked his Republican competition. Since then, he came out firmly against the auto bailout. Yet, by all accounts, the auto bailout not only worked but worked fabulously well. So, instead of admitting a mistake, he and the other Republican candidates have doubled and tripled down on the Let Michigan Die, free-market rhetoric. If Mitt Romney loses Michigan, his home state, a state

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Herman Cain and the Allure of Being Plain Wrong

Over the weekend, I was surprised when I was approached by a fellow physician who was giddy that Herman Cain won the Florida straw poll. First of all, I have no idea what straw polls truly reflect. I know that many states straw polls are no more than cash machines for the state party. Candidates are asked to spend money to participate in the straw poll. The straw polls aren’t open to just anybody to vote. They are somewhat strange political animals. Therefore, winning a straw poll in Florida or Iowa doesn’t seem to correlate with much of anything. Recently, data

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