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This Presidential Race Is Not over

I would like for everyone to hold on just a second and understand that this presidential race is not over. For months, I’ve talked about this presidential race as being close. It is close. If we didn’t have the electoral college then I think things would be different. But we do have the electoral college. Therefore, states like Texas, California, New York and Illinois are basically meaningless. These states are reliably Democratic or Republican and therefore the candidates will spend very little time in any of them. It is the battleground states which will decide this election. Ohio, Virginia, Florida, North

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Women can’t be trusted (Updated)

The GOP has shown me the light. Women just can’t be trusted with their own reproductive rights. If we let women chose, they may choose to get an education. They may choose to join the work force. They may or may not choose to stay home. We can’t have all that choice. We need to decide what’s best for women. From RM Blog: Following up on an¬†earlier item, here was the witness table at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, as discussion about contraception access and health care got underway. You’ll notice, of course, that all of the witnesses are

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How much more qualified should an appointee be?

When Dawn Johnsen was nominated to head the Office of Legal Counsel, there was much rejoicing by progressives. Glenn Greenwald wrote a GREAT post on her and her qualifications. That was back in January. Now, like we’re reliving a bad episode of the West Wing, Dawn Johnsen has become a political football. She’s committed two great sins in the eyes of conservatives (including conservative Democrats). First, she had the nerve to stand up for women’s reproductive rights. She has argued thoughtfully and credibly against the onslaught of restrictions that women are forced to endure. Secondly, she’d been highly critical of the

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