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GAO reports nuclear stuff easy to get hands on

I almost laugh when I hear Bush or Cheney saying that they are doing all that they can. Really? How are our oil refineries being protected? Nuclear waste how is that being transported across America? Do those trucks and trains have a military escort?  We are even worse at helping other countries to secure their nuclear material.


International inspectors working in the former Soviet republic of Georgia last summer tracked down dangerous radiological materials in an abandoned military complex.

It was an important mission. But a new report by U.S. government watchdogs says a parallel effort overseas by the U.S. Department of Energy has made only “limited progress securing many of the most dangerous sources” — waste disposal sites and abandoned generators across Russia, each with enough material for several devastating dirty bombs. (more…)

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Time reports that Democrats appear weak after Lieberman loss

Time article 

Okay, I’m confused.  The steroid induced musculature that the Republicans have been posturing with since 9/11 have produced exactly what?  Have we ended terrorist attacks?  Have we quelled the terrorist violence?  Is bin Laden and his lieutenant continuing to issue proclamations taunting the US on a weekly basis?  With the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and rumors that Karsi may resign his post out of frustration from a lack of support from the international community and the Americans and crazy violence in Iraq, there is very little evidence that the Republicans have actually made us safer.

If the violence has gotten worse and it certainly hasn’t gotten any better, maybe we need a new approach.  Maybe braun without brains is not a good idea.  Maybe we could use a more thoughtful approach to combat terrorism.  I believe that Israel is figuring out that they’re not going to be able to shoot or bomb all of Hezbollah.  While they are widening their offensive they’re also increasing anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment within the Muslim communities.  This does nothing to help our long-range goal of security for all.

Maybe a more measured approach is needed.  One which rewards regimes like Lebanon who have embraced democratic ideals.  Once we are able to strengthen the government of Lebanon, the Lebanese government should be able to take care of the radical elements of Hezbollah.

Our progressive plan for success.

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