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Cowboys replay last week's game to beat Rams

For the first four games of the this young season the Cowboys have started rather slow and heated up as the game went on. Last week the Cowboys were tied with the Bears 3 – 3 at half time. This week the Cowboys were 14 – 7 against the Rams. The Rams didn’t look great but they were stopping the run. The Cowboys had several 3 and out’s. Unlike last week the Cowboys get a spark just before half-time. Romo gets the ball hiked…thrown over his head while he was in the shotgun. All I could see was Bob Griese in the SuperBowl going back and back as Romo runs about 25 yards behind the line of scrimmage to get the ball. Nothing good can come from this play. Wrong, Romo then turns up field dodges one defender and gets a first down. He keeps the drive alive to score the go ahead touchdown just before half.

The Cowboys like they did last week came out and dominated. They scored touchdowns on their next 3 possessions. Game Over. It was amazing to watch. I’m not sure if Terrell Owens touched the ball during the second half. Jason Whitten and Patrick Crayton (who had him on your fantasy team) carried the load. Romo played great after starting slowly. He did have one turnover but balanced that with 3 passing touchdowns and one running touchdown. The Cowboys racked up over 500 yards in total offense. Interestingly, the Cowboys who led the league in penalties coming into this week had only 2.

I need to give a special shout out to the offensive line and Greg Ellis. Greg who blew out his Achilles last year had 1.5 sacks in limited playing time. Issac Bruce gets a high five for guaranteeing a victory then only having one catch for 24 yards.

All fans are looking at the calendar. Week 6 – Cowboys – Patriots in Texas Stadium.

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Where’s the Outrage podcast 6-17-06

Karl Rove out of the doghouse?  2500 troops dead in Iraq.  The House debates the Iraq war — this and more in our opening segment called Lets Rewind.  We replay our interview on the estate tax with the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities with Aviva Aron-Dine.  We talked to the authors of the Godless Constitution professors Kramnick and Moore of Cornell University.

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