Obama Speaks in Iowa

Senator Barack Obama opened his speech with a few strong words of support for Senator Ted Kennedy. It was very classy. Then, he drew out a long lead-up to stating that he has secured the majority of pledged delegates. You can read the official text but for the sake of brevity, here’s the lowdown:

  • He thanked Senator Hillary Clinton and correctly stated that she has changed the political landscape for his kids and women everywhere.
  • Obama said that the Republican primary was a contest to see who could out-Bush the other and that’s a contest that John McCain won.
  • Obama began a long list of what change is. In the middle of that list, he took a swipe at President Bush:“Change is an energy policy that doesn’t rely on buddying up to the Saudi Royal family and then begging them for oil. An energy policy. Change is an energy policy that puts a price on pollution and makes the oil companies invest their record profits on clean, renewable sources energy that will create millions of new jobs and leave our children a saver planet.”
  • For reasons that are unclear, MSNBC kept showing the one black face in the crowd, like there are a bunch of black folks in Iowa.
  • Change is coming to America.

This was Obama’s best speech in a very long time.