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Bhutto under house arrest then released

The violence in Pakistan is a huge problem. Pervez Musharraf is trying to keep a lid on things by clamping down. One of the many things that don’t make sense is the fact that Musharraf allowed Benazir Bhutto to return to Pakistan. Why? Unless he was behind the bombing, the assassination attempt. She is clearly a threat to his power. So, he puts her under house arrest for less than a day then lets her out. Was there too much blow back? Did he beleive that she would calmly sit in her house and not say or do anything? I don’t get it.



Opposition leader Benazir Bhutto described Pakistan on Saturday as a pressure cooker about to explode, as President Pervez Musharraf’s government tightened screws on media by ordering out three British journalists.

Having invoked emergency powers a week ago, Gen. Musharraf has sacked most of the country’s judges, put senior ones under house arrest, and ordered police to round up most of the opposition leadership and anyone else deemed troublesome.

He has also placed curbs on media. Private news channels are off the air and transmissions by the BBC and CNN have been blocked, though newspapers are publishing freely. (more…)

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Byron Leftwich released

Byron Leftwich had become almost a legend. He had proved that he could take punishment. He had a strong arm, a very strong arm. I thought that he had a problem with locking on to receivers. It is easy to do but in the NFL you can’t do it. Byron’s other problem was that he took too much punishment. He got hurt. Taking all of that into account, it was very surprising to hear that the Jaguars let Byron go after training camp and 4 pre-season games. There was no hint. No warning. Yesterday he was the starter. Today he is looking for a job.

David Garrard proved that he can play in the NFL last year. He is mobile. He has a strong arm. He is mobile. With pass rushers becoming faster and faster, the quarterback must get out of the way some times.

I do feel sorry for Byron.



One of coach Jack Del Rio’s first decisions with the Jacksonville Jaguars was drafting Byron Leftwich.

One of his toughest was letting him go.

Del Rio and the Jaguars said Friday they are parting ways with Leftwich after four frustrating, injury-filled seasons. They hope to trade him but are resigned to releasing the former first-round draft pick.

“To make a decision this bold requires some strong conviction, and I have that,” Del Rio said. (more…)

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British soldiers are released

So, can somebody tell me what happened?  I’m happy that the soldiers are released.  But what happened?  Why were they taken?  Were they really in Iranian waters?  Where was their back up?

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