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O'Reilly loses argument to 16 yo

I thought that Bill O’Reilly was really a disingenuous (lying) partition talking head.  He bullies guests and staff.  He has an ego the size of Kansas.  It appears that he has lost an argument to a 16 yo high school student.  The student was nervous but prepared.

On a good note, it is very nice to see a thoughtful 16 yo.  This guy has been brought up to think and to think critically about issues.  Good for him and his parents!!!

C&L has more here.

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Countdown: O'Reilly continues to be the Worst Person

As you know, Keith Olbermann does the worst person in the world every night. Many nights O’Reilly has said something to deserve the top honors. He now has a list of terrible things that can only be topped by Coulter. Those kids who died in the fire in the Bronx. They were just children but O’Reilly went off on some rant that they were immigrants and … Who cares!!! They could have been from Mars. They were living, breathing human beings and they died in a house fire. Something that shouldn’t happen in the US. He argued that the left was using this to argue for open borders. First, of all, now is not the time to discuss this. Let’s let those 9 children and 1 adult get in the ground. Let’s mourn for the loss of live. The loss of YOUNG live.

Because he brought it up I would like to point out that the left doesn’t want open borders. No serious politician on the left has ever said such, to my knowledge. To say so, is a lie. I talk about immigration here and here.

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