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Monday Evening News Roundup

Monday Evening News Roundup

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has leverage from now until November 2nd. After the election, his leverage with the United States President is significantly lessened. So, look for him to continue to ratchet up the pressure to try to push, cajole and/or coerce Barack Obama into taking some offensive action against Iran.

I really don’t like replacement refs. If a quarterback gets a forearm to the head, one would think that would be an easy call. Not for the replacement refs. They missed it.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Some feel that the Occupy Wall Street protests haven’t been successful. Others have argued that we have focused too much attention on these protests. First of all, The Occupy Wall Street protests have been successful just in the fact that here we are, talking about Wall Street and their shenanigans. Occupy Wall Street garnered media attention and the attention of politicians (both right and left). They have indeed been successful. Yet, I would argue that they need to do more. We need more than simple recognition. We need to morph into the next stage. We need to start combating some of the problems the protesters have identified. The excesses of Wall Street continue.

Joe Scarborough from MSNBC has reinforced the idea that all Americans are stupid by stating that Muslims hate us because of their religion. Completely moronic. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that we have supported ruthless dictators.

More News Roundup After the Break (more…)

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NBA formula to win the Championship

This post continues my thoughts from yesterday on how to win in the NBA. I friend of mine wrote this in response to yesterday’s post. (I know that there are some of my regular readers who are aghast that I’m not talking about politics/world events, but don’t be. I’ll be on politics soon. I needed a little break.) (Running a little late this morning. Will add links later.)

While I agree with the thought that the NBA is better when certain signature franchises like the Knicks are relevant, the formula to win the title since the Magic/Bird era has been just as ET outlined with two interesting exceptions: the Bad Boy Pistons and the Pistons who ended the Lakers’ winning streak. I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how both of the exceptions to the formula came from Detroit, but I think it may have to do with the only thing ET left off the list: a smart coach who’s respected by the refs. For detroit, Chuck Daly and Larry Brown.

If we are to believe the formula, then these are the only teams as currently constructed that can win the title this season:
megastar/closer: Kobe
Pippen guy: Gasol
bomber: depends on the night but someone always hits big threes for them in the playoffs
enforcer: Odom (don’t laugh, look where he ranks in rebounds-per-minute)
coach: Phil

megastar/closer: Pierce (don’t laugh, something happened to him three years ago, does everything the star does but will never get credit for it)
Pippen guy: Garnett
bomber: Allen
enforcer: should be interesting with Perkins gone, will combo of Kristic/Shaq work?
coach: Rivers, maybe not smartest guy and may struggle with his defensive guru now coaching the Bulls, but the refs love him

megastar/closer: I actually think it’s Parker now
Pippen guy: Ginobili
bomber: Matt Bonner
enforcer: DeJuan Blair
coach: Pop
… and I didn’t even mention the best power forward ever, who on this team can fill any of those roles except bomber. (more…)

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