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Saturday Night News Roundup

I would like to reinforce and clarify my thoughts from the other day. I don’t think that any law restricting or regulating guns is going to be perfect. I think that thoughtful regulation should decrease the probability of mass shooting in the future. That’s it. President George H. W. Bush is out of the ICU. No clue what was really wrong with him. I pray that he continues to improve. Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) points out that we could follow Grover Norquist over the fiscal cliff. Ed Markey has thrown his hat into the ring for John Kerry’s old Senate seat.

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Can Chris Dodd step to the plate and fix Wall Street before leaving the Senate?

From TP: One question bouncing around news outlets today is what Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd’s (D-CT) retirement means for the regulatory reform effort. Does it make him more or less likely to compromise on key parts of the bill, including the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA)? It’s hard to discern whether Dodd’s retirement will lead him to give in on a host of issues (as one “gleeful” financial services lobbyist told Politico it would) or compel him to put “it all on the line to get what he wants, bipartisanship be damned.” But one thing is for certain: Dodd’s retirement means that the regulatory

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Exactly what are we fighting for… a public option?

When we first started talking about Healthcare Reform, I mentioned that I really, really supported a single payer (government run) program. If we provide the exact same healthcare services, we could save over $300 billion per year with a single payer system(although, I must admit, many people dispute this number). There would be significantly less administrative overhead. We would have the ability to direct funding into clinical research that would give physicians answers to the most important medical questions. What is the best drug for hypertension? Are drugs and exercise the best combination for a long life? How much exercise do

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