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Monday Evening News Roundup

I was working really late last night and I didn’t get home until about nine o’clock this morning. I was kind of exhausted. Now, finally, I think the cobwebs have cleared…

I don’t know about you, but I find it funny that Mitt Romney several Republicans have decided that they are champions of American manufacturing. Remember, Mitt Romney has made millions of dollars by dismantling American manufacturing and sending the pieces overseas.

For me, one of the problems with Rick Santorum is that he doesn’t make any sense. Last week, he decided that he was going to jump on the social wars bandwagon. He was going to attack Barack Obama and his administration for their “war on religion.” He stated that Barack Obama followed a theology that was “not based on the Bible.” First of all, I truly hate playing the game I’m more Christian than you. Because truly the only one who can ultimately decide whether you are playing the game right or not is God. The rest of us are simply guessing. Santorum then went on the CBS Sunday morning talk show and said, “I just said when you have a worldview that elevates the earth above man and states that we can’t take those resources because were going to harm the earth – things like that are not scientifically proven like the politicization of the whole global warming debate.” What? How does that even come out of your mouth? I guess he got an A in gobbledygook.

I truly don’t understand Governor Christie’s stance on same-sex marriage. It seems to me that he wants to have his cake and eat it, too (pun intended). Basically, he stated that he believes in same-sex marriage, but that he’s going to veto a bill that’s been passed by the New Jersey Legislature legalizing same-sex marriage. He’s going to veto the bill because he believes that this issue needs to be brought up as a referendum. Really? Isn’t the issue as simple as either you believe in equality under the law or you don’t? To me, in the eyes of the state, this is a civil rights issue. From a religious standpoint, you and your pastor figure it out. From a legal standpoint, I just don’t see how any state can continue this legalized discrimination.

Conservative Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, who has been thrown in the national spotlight has decided that he is going to openly support gay marriage. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it hard to wrap my mind around any sentence that includes Arizona, conservative, gay and Sheriff.

Under the heading Lying with Data, George Will looked at the following data and stated that there was no recorded evidence of global warming for more than a decade.

When you step back and look at the data (below), the trend is clear. I would like to congratulate George Will on a fabulous job of lying with data.

Nuclear officials are traveling to Iran to meet with Iranian leaders to see if they’re building a nuclear weapon. No, seriously. Stop laughing. Okay, I can’t help it. I’m laughing, too. What a waste of time. We know that Iran is building a nuclear weapon. The question is what to do about it. Nobody seems to have any reasonable answers.

Joan Baez met with protesters before her concert. This is clearly an example of people talking to each other instead of, as we do most of the time, talking past each other. Very nice to see.

Here’s a nice list for PC Magazine of 10 apps that you need for your android phone.

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Unions Are Under Siege, Again

Republicans, in a thoughtful and coordinated attack, have opened up another front in their war on labor unions. Remember that unions are a source of money and organization for liberal causes and the Democratic Party. As such, Republicans hate unions. They hate them above and beyond the union’s ability to negotiate wages and safe working conditions. The first battlefront was in Wisconsin. Consequences of the anti-union legislation continue to reverberate today as signatures for Scott Walker’s recall election were turned in just a couple weeks ago. Then the battlefront moved to Ohio. The Republicans passed anti-union legislation. The unions organized and won a referendum to kill the flawed legislation at the ballot. Now, attention turns to Arizona.

This attack on unions is particularly well-timed. The legislation is extremely anti-union. It goes further than Scott Walker ever thought he could. Fighting this legislation will require unions to divert their attention away from the national election and local elections. They will have to focus almost entirely on this assault on their very existence. Thus, this assault will probably deprive Democrats of much-needed money and organizational strength. I look at this as a last and desperate effort to crush progressive causes.

More from TPM:

Union members were searching for a way out of the wilderness on Wednesday in Arizona as the Republican-controlled Senate moved ahead quickly on several bills that could devastate organized labor in the state.

The measures caught many union leaders by surprise, being introduced on Monday night and passed in committee less than 48 hours later.

At issue is a sweeping series of restrictions that would, among other things, ban unions that represent workers in state, county or city governments from engaging in any type of negotiations that affect the terms of their employment. That includes teachers, prison workers and the state’s powerful police and firefighters unions. The move would take away much of the power those unions have and turn them into something more akin to trade groups.

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Buyer’s Remorse?

In 2010, many Tea Party candidates were swept into office. Their mandate was simple – reduce the size and influence of government. Many of those candidates decided to oppose or attack unions. We’ve seen this fight play out in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, as well as other states. The fight has been a little bit different in each state, but basically the Tea Party Republicans have all worked to undermine unions in some way. On Tuesday, Ohioans are set to vote on a referendum that would reverse an Ohio state law that ending the right of unions (police, firefighters and teachers unions) to collectively bargain with the government. According to a recent poll, almost 60% of Ohioans are supportive of unions’ right to collective bargaining. We have to remember that polling does not equal voting. We also need to remember that just because Ohio voters have rejected this one issue does not necessarily mean that Ohio voters have rejected the Tea Party agenda. The big question in my mind is now what?

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