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Saturday Morning News Roundup

May 31 Oklahoma weather

I know it is tornado season. I grew up in Dallas. I’ve seen tornadoes up close and personal. As a matter fact, a tornado ripped through my high school back in 1976 or 1977. It is still sad when an area that was just hit with a devastating tornado is hit again in such a short time. Oklahoma City, just a few miles north of Moore, Oklahoma, was hit with a series of devastating tornadoes. Currently, the news media’s reporting that five people are dead and scores are injured.

The Weather Channel crew was caught up in a tornado that broke out in EL Reno, Oklahoma. Thankfully, everyone is safe.

One thing is clear. As we pump more common dioxide into the atmosphere, the atmosphere heats up. This means more energy for more violent storms. (more…)

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Friday Morning News Roundup

A couple of days ago, we heard that John McCain had made a “double secret” trip to Syria. I suspect, on Sunday, we’ll see John McCain on one, two or possibly three networks. Does anybody believe that Senator McCain is going to say anything else besides how much we need to increase our military presence in Syria? Seriously, would you expect anything else? I would’ve been surprised if John McCain had come back and said, “You know what, the situation in Syria is really complex. We can’t figure out who is who. I don’t know who the good guys or the bad guys are. We need to sit this one out.” Everything that I’ve read about Syria over the last several days suggests that the conflict is getting more and more complex.

I’m not sure whether Eric Holder is an asset or liability to President Obama. What I do know is that liberals who are calling for Holder’s resignation need to step back and think just for a second. The Attorney General must be confirmed by the Senate. Who would the filibuster-loving Republicans confirm? I don’t think that we would get anybody liberal or progressive through the Senate. I think that we’re stuck with Eric Holder for good or for bad.

Terrible ratings for MSNBC. I’m not sure that this is a surprise. The one thing about Keith Olbermann was that he was entertaining. Chris Hayes is not entertaining.

Lincoln Chafee was one of the last moderate Republicans. He was the distinguished Senator from Rhode Island from 1999 through 2007. He ran for governor of Rhode Island as an Independent. As he is milling over running for reelection as governor, it’s been widely reported that he would run as a Democrat. I think this says more about the Republican Party than it does about Lincoln Chafee. There’s no room for moderates in the Republican Party.

Go San Antonio Spurs!

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Veterans Day News Roundup

Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day. I hope that you’ve taken some time today to thank a veteran for their sacrifice. (Hurricane Sandy resources for Vets.)

It is clear to me that Republicans don’t believe that they lost the election. Sure, Barack Obama is still the President. Somehow, John Boehner believes that he should dictate the terms of the budget negotiations.

Just as when Obama was elected four years ago and the conservatives went crazy, they’ve decided not to hold back the crazy this time. One pastor in Texas has decided that reelection of President Obama will lead to the reign of the antichrist.

Speaking of right wing craziness, we have Denise Helms from California. The fact that she decided to pull out a racial epithet to describe President Obama is not surprising. The fact that she decided to post this on her Facebook page is a little over the top. I don’t know why people don’t understand that Facebook is almost the exact same thing as being on TV or the radio. You’re broadcasting your opinion throughout the country. Sure, it is possible that nobody will read it. It is also possible that your opinion could get forwarded and tens of thousands of people will read it. When Ms Helms decided to amplify her thoughts by saying that “maybe he will be assassinated,” she ratcheted up the crazy. She got fired from her job. Her Facebook page has been taken down. I wonder how long it will be before Sean Hannity will have her on his show? (more…)

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