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NBA finals – game 2

Lebron James and the gang take game 2 in the NBA finals after an extremely anemic start from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Chris Bosh had a monster game with 16 points and 15 rebounds. a slow start by Kevin Durant was part of the team’s demise. Secondly, although Russell Westbrook had 27 points he was only 10-26. This is terrible. You need to shoot around 50% from the floor if you are a superstar. If you are a role player then okay. Westbrook has to do better.

For my money, the key to the Heat and this series is DeWayne Wade. He is the glue that holds everything together. When he plays poorly the Heat lose. When he plays well the Heat win. It is that simple.

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NBA formula to win the Championship

This post continues my thoughts from yesterday on how to win in the NBA. I friend of mine wrote this in response to yesterday’s post. (I know that there are some of my regular readers who are aghast that I’m not talking about politics/world events, but don’t be. I’ll be on politics soon. I needed a little break.) (Running a little late this morning. Will add links later.)

While I agree with the thought that the NBA is better when certain signature franchises like the Knicks are relevant, the formula to win the title since the Magic/Bird era has been just as ET outlined with two interesting exceptions: the Bad Boy Pistons and the Pistons who ended the Lakers’ winning streak. I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how both of the exceptions to the formula came from Detroit, but I think it may have to do with the only thing ET left off the list: a smart coach who’s respected by the refs. For detroit, Chuck Daly and Larry Brown.

If we are to believe the formula, then these are the only teams as currently constructed that can win the title this season:
megastar/closer: Kobe
Pippen guy: Gasol
bomber: depends on the night but someone always hits big threes for them in the playoffs
enforcer: Odom (don’t laugh, look where he ranks in rebounds-per-minute)
coach: Phil

megastar/closer: Pierce (don’t laugh, something happened to him three years ago, does everything the star does but will never get credit for it)
Pippen guy: Garnett
bomber: Allen
enforcer: should be interesting with Perkins gone, will combo of Kristic/Shaq work?
coach: Rivers, maybe not smartest guy and may struggle with his defensive guru now coaching the Bulls, but the refs love him

megastar/closer: I actually think it’s Parker now
Pippen guy: Ginobili
bomber: Matt Bonner
enforcer: DeJuan Blair
coach: Pop
… and I didn’t even mention the best power forward ever, who on this team can fill any of those roles except bomber. (more…)

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Sweet 16 – Men's Basketball

So, the other day, I was in the doctor’s lounge and the TV was turned to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Villanova was playing UCLA. UCLA has a storied program. They have a history and tradition of winning basketball. The program has been revitalized over the last couple of years. They were playing deep into the Sweet 16 or beyond.

I’m not sure how UCLA got to March Madness, as I have not been following men’s basketball this year, but I sat down to watch this game. UCLA was down by 13 at halftime. It was the start of the second half. Almost immediately, it was clear who was going to win this game. One team played like a group of people who understood the offense. They passed, they moved, the ball went to the open man; the open man shot the ball or drove to the basket then dished to one of his teammates who was crashing the boards. This was beautiful to watch. The other team would grab a rebound and hit the outlet man. The outlet man would sprint to the three-point line and jack a three-point attempt. None of his team were under the basket for rebound, but it didn’t seem to matter. The other offensive play was instead of jacking a three-point shot, they would drive the lane and shoot some off-balance sideways fadeaway, again with no one from their team under the boards. This was very ugly to watch.

I’m not sure if UCLA had any offensive plays. The way they were playing, it sure didn’t look like it. When they called a timeout, I’m not sure what the coach could have said. It was one of the worst displays of college basketball I’ve seen in a long, long time. (UCLA lost, but only by 20. I was surprised it wasn’t by more.) I began to get nauseated looking at such a terrible display of basketball and halfway through the period I had to leave. It was sad… very sad.

The following video is a summary of the teams left in the tournament. The Sweet 16.

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