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Thursday Evening News Round Up

Been travelling today. College grads are losing ground on wages. This isn’t good. We need higher wages, living wages for everyone. Prolonged unemployment is causing and will continue to cause long lasting damage to our society. Everyone is affected. Everyone! I don’t get it. If children are our future and we, all, believe that children are the foundation of tomorrow then why are we short changing the most important gift that we can give to our children – their education? BTW, I don’t care if the president backed down on when he would schedule his speech to Congress. I really don’t.

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Columbian Rescue

After 6 years, the Columbian government rescued 15 hostages. This rescue amazes me because perhaps it is a sign that the Columbian government is taking back their country. From New York Times: Colombian commandos disguised as rebels spirited 15 hostages to freedom on Wednesday, including Ingrid Betancourt, a French-Colombian politician held for six years, and three American military contractors, according to the hostages and the Colombian authorities. “I never expected to get out of there alive,” said Ms. Betancourt, 46, her voice sounding frail but charged with excitement, in comments broadcast on the radio. On Colombian television, Ms. Betancourt wept and

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