The Errington Thompson Show 10-31-09

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood on the Errington Thompson Show. It’s Halloween, but that’s not what’s scary. Mark Karlin from is Errington’s guest. They discuss the frightening audacity of Walmart, the largest American employer in China, and subsidizing the Chinese economy while some of Walmart’s employees here on American soil receive food stamps and Medicaid. Other freaky topics include Dick Cheney’s surprise appearances, surfacing from “undisclosed locations” for just enough time to “dis” President Obama with that special Republican flair for hypocrisy.

Realistic plans for Afghanistan come up, but the main focus of this Halloween show is the unpredictable state of healthcare, as it bounces around the House and Senate, bandied about by Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh, both of whom have wives whose professional interests in insurance companies and big pharmaceuticals make health care personal and profitable. Come for the spooky Halloween tunes and stay for the serious discussion of real goblins and ghouls. This one’s a treat.