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Bill O'Reilly Hates the Media (Does that mean he hates himself?)

Classic Bill O’Reilly was on display last night for his Talking Points segment: Don’t Trust the Media! O’Reilly then proceeded to tell us several reasons why we should not trust the media. Now let’s think about this. A media personality looks square in the camera and, without noting a hint of irony, tells us not to trust the media. Doesn’t this sound like a Saturday Night Live skit? Many of our founding fathers despised the press, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson among them. As David McCullough notes in his best-selling book, John Adams, Mr. Adams was probably overly sensitive to criticism,

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Bush approval ratings; still lower than earthworms

I’m not sure what Bush is going to say tonight at the State of the Union address.  I think that he will try to avoid Iraq.  He will turn to domestic issues like energy.  He will pump up the economy.  He will talk about the threat from Iran and North Korea.  He will stay away from Afghanistan which is a disaster. Here’s a chart of Bush’s approval/disapproval ratings.

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