The benefits of Dan Rather's Lawsuit

Dan RatherIf we put aside the $70 million price tag for a second and look at this suit, I think that we will find a gold nugget at the end of the rainbow. Remember that Dan Rather was fired or put out to pasture because of a story on 60 Minutes II that Rather did on Bush’s National Guard Service. The old question on whether or not George Bush completed his Texas Air National Guard service has never been completely answered. Rather produced documents that seemed to show that Bush wasn’t performing well. Immediately, I mean, during the broadcast, there was an instant cry of foul. Soon, the documents authenticity was questioned. CBS originally backed the story then started to waffle then caved. Dan Rather was taken off the Evening News and placed on 60 minutes II. He really wasn’t used much and he quit. This brings us to the present.

Questions remain because some documents about Bush’s past seem to have been misplaced. Many believe that Alberto Gonzales had something to do with those documents disappearing but this is just speculation. So, what happened and why do we care? I don’t think that most Americans do care. It is water under the bridge. On the other hand, clear answers may help round out a picture of George Bush that many liberals have of him. He is not and never was a good ole boy. He went to Andover (one of the most elite prep schools in the country), Yale and Harvard. Good Ole boys don’t usually go to those places. What the Dan Rather lawsuit may do is bring out many details of President Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard. If it does that then it will be worth more than $70 million to many liberals.

As an added benefit we may be able to view how the Bush administration and the network executives worked hand and hand to control stories in the post 9-11 world. If it does that, I’ll bring the popcorn to enjoy the show.