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Where’s the Outrage? 11/4/06 Podcast

Wow, I have gotten behind in posting my radio show again. Here’s the podcast. (I thought that I would re-publish this since MSNBC has put out a documentary titled Hubris.)

Why aren’t elections held on Saturdays when most people are off?  If you want folks to vote, then why would you hold elections on Tuesdays?

John Kerry’s gaffe.  In the video, Kerry clearly loses his place.  The Republicans go crazy over his gaffe.  His reaction to the Republicans finger pointing was worse than the stumble in the first place.

How do you decide who to vote for?  No, seriously.  How do you know whom to trust?  The newspapers?  TV?  The web?  My answer is that you have to go to the web and read a ton.  Start with the candidate’s web site, understanding that of course it will be biased.  Then go to a site like that of the League of Women Voters.  Trying to really find out information is an active process.

My guests are David Corn, former Washington Editor of The Nation, now with Mother Jones.  We will continue our discussion of the new book he wrote with Michael Isikoff (writer for Time Magazine), Hubris, the Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War.  I also have an excellent interview with Geoffery Nunberg, author of Talking Right.

There’s more fun and information.  Sit back and enjoy.

Remember I’m on iTunes.

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Beck wants teachers and police to be realistic

First of all, let me preface my remarks by stating that I really don’t like Glenn Beck. It’s nothing personal. I have nothing against the way he combs his hair or against his success. I’m happy for anyone who is successful in the United States (if they have done it lawfully). The problem that I have a Glenn Beck is that he is a pseudo-intellectual. He has this chalkboard shtick that he does in which multiple non sequiturs are tied together. His whole deal, to me, seems to be manufactured to deceive instead of illuminate.

Now, with that as the background, Glenn Beck stated on his radio show yesterday how he wanted to set the record straight. Here’s what he said (making transcripts is much harder than it looks):

Beck: So I just want to make that clear. Cops, firefighters… I have no problem with teachers. Who doesn’t want their teachers to make the most amount of money? But, in a realistic, free enterprise sort of way.

Sidekick: We want to take care of our teachers, our cops are firefighters (crosstalk)

Beck: Absolutely. the American and I am no different than the average American. The average American wants to take care of their teachers, their cops, their firemen and police and their arghh, soldiers. That’s who they want to take care of. They protect us and they teach our kids. We want to protect them, take care of them. Not a problem with that. Never, never, have I had a problem with that. But it must be realistic. And we haven’t had to have this conversation, ever. Because the problem was going to be… It’s not just the firemen and everything else. It’s you. As well. You. Every taxpayer is going to go broke, or going to lose their 401(k)s or whatever you have if the United States and state after state goes bankrupt you lose everything. (audio courtesy of Media Matters)

Just for a second, let’s remember that Glenn Beck is a multimillionaire. He’s not one of us. Glenn Beck is not sitting at home trying to figure out how he’s going to pay the rent, pay his car note and keep food on the table. So, it is clear that he is different than every other American. Let’s move past this. I applaud him for saying that teachers, firefighters and police officers should get paid more. Then, though, he goes on to qualify his statement by saying that they should only get paid more in a “realistic” manner. What does that mean? Is he stating that these folks are now getting paid in an unrealistic manner? Is he stating that somehow collective bargaining is not a free enterprise system? By ending his statement with this apocalyptic “everybody’s going broke” type of statement, is he saying that teachers, firefighters and police officers should get paid less?

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Let’s be honest, the thought that America is broke is permeating the conservative airwaves. The Conservatives cannot stop talking about how broken and out of money the dederal and individual state governments are. They don’t seem to mention that unpaid-for tax cuts to the rich have sapped our cash supply. America has the money. The money is residing in the pockets of people like Glenn Beck.

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Sanchez gets fired

I don’t understand what happens to some people when they get behind the Mic. It is like they lose their minds. How do you say something like this on the air? When you say something like this, you are asking to be fired.

From HuffPo:

UPDATE: Rick Sanchez has been fired from CNN.

“Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well,’ a CNN statement said.

UPDATE: Rick Sanchez did not appear on Friday’s “Rick List,” the afternoon after his controversial comments about Jon Stewart and Jews surfaced. Sanchez’s regular substitute Brooke Baldwin filled in for him.

ORIGINAL POST: CNN’s Rick Sanchez made controversial comments on a Sirius radio show Thursday, calling Jon Stewart a “bigot” and saying that CNN and the other networks are all run by Jewish people.

Discussing Stewart with radio host Pete Dominick, Sanchez said that the “Daily Show” host has a limited worldview, and called him a “bigot.”

The conversation began with Sanchez decrying “elite, Northeast establishment liberals” who “deep down, when they look at a guy like me, they see a guy automatically who belongs in the second tier, and not the top tier.

“I think to some extent Jon Stewart and [Stephen] Colbert are the same way. I think Jon Stewart’s a bigot,” he said. “I think he looks at the world through, his mom, who was a school teacher, and his dad, who was a physicist or something like that. Great, I’m so happy that he grew up in a suburban middle class New Jersey home with everything you could ever imagine.”

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