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Beck jumps on the “let da’ house burn” bandwagon

In my previous post, I was accused of painting the firefighters as conservatives (I don’t know who they were and it doesn’t matter). I did nothing of the sort. Instead, my point was that a conservative mindset has been poisoning this country for years. The mindset is simply – I’m out for myself. I don’t want to help anybody else. I don’t want to pay for anybody else. I want to keep all my money for myself. It is from this mindset that you can get a subscription service for fire protection. Those who don’t have the money simply don’t get

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Sanchez gets fired

I don’t understand what happens to some people when they get behind the Mic. It is like they lose their minds. How do you say something like this on the air? When you say something like this, you are asking to be fired. From HuffPo: UPDATE: Rick Sanchez has been fired from CNN. “Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well,’ a CNN statement said. UPDATE: Rick Sanchez did not appear on Friday’s “Rick List,” the afternoon after his controversial comments about Jon Stewart and Jews surfaced. Sanchez’s regular

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To Build or Not to Build… We Missed the Question

I continue to be amazed at the fervor that is being generated by a mosque that is being planned two blocks from Ground Zero. I have a few questions for those that are outraged. How far away from Ground Zero is okay? Five blocks? 10 blocks? 15 blocks? 100 blocks? Since when have conservatives become so upset over a private company building on their own land? I thought we were at war with Al Qaeda and not Islam? Slate has more: 3.  The project is a statement of Islamic conquest. This is Gingrich’s position. “The ground zero mosque is a political statement

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