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Friday Morning News Roundup

Friday Morning News Roundup The Carolina Panthers thought that they were ready to take the next step. Not!!! The New York Giants beat them early and often. Tiger Woods is tied for the lead in the FedEx Championship at East Lake in Atlanta. It is only round one, but he and Rory have been playing some really great golf. Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown debated last night. For reasons that are unclear to me, Scott Brown is still talking about her Indian heritage. I’m not sure what is so confusing about the Voter ID laws. Conservatives have been telling us for years that

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The true progressive movement

Many people are standing around dazed and bewildered. With Martin Luther King’s birthday coming on the heels of the massacre in Tucson, many people are wondering where this country is heading. Let me suggest that we “take the bull by the horns.” That we start wondering where the country is headed and take the country in the direction that we wanted to go. Let’s start with some inspiration. Maya Angelou. Now let’s move onto something a little bit more concrete. From HuffPo: In 1955, except for a recent Supreme Court decision on school segregation widely held to be unenforceable, there was

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The Big Fail, Part Two

I’m sorry. I know I have really spent way too much time on the subject, which is exactly the kind of thing conservatives want. They love for us to focus on things that really don’t matter. I had a small post the other day, which was really meant for my readers to briefly look at and say, “well, that was obvious.” It didn’t really work out that way. So, I’ve written a lot of responses and comments covering three things — The National Tea Party, the new Black Panthers and the NAACP. Conservatives, for the most part, hate answering questions. Instead,

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