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Thursday Morning News Roundup

Thursday Morning News Roundup Many new iPhone 5s are being shipped with defects. I really don’t understand the hysteria. My droid works extremely well and it cost me 1/3 the price. iOS 6 is a disaster. New Romney video – he will “harvest” companies. I’m sure that progressives have been sitting on this video and waiting for the right time. Romney stops a crowd of supporters who are chanting “Ryan, Ryan.” Wow. The NFL Referee strike is over. Finally!!! I think we can see how unions can work for the benefit of everyone. This union provided a high quality product. Romney is losing Ohio and

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Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Tuesday Morning News Roundup I’m not sure why I like this cartoon. It may be because everyone should be outraged over the violence that is ongoing in Syria. For more than 30 years I’ve been talking about the role of historically black colleges in American society. Historically, when minorities, and specifically blacks, had nowhere else to go black colleges were essential. Now I’m not so sure. I simply don’t know. What happens when an historically black college hires a white football coach? Is that bad or good? A couple days ago, I posted video evidence that replacement referees can miss the

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