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Bush: Al Qaeda is on the Run

Somebody pinch me. Did the president just pull out an oldie but a goodie? Al Qaeda is on the run. Isn’t it time for us to catch these guys who are “on the run”? From October 25, 2006 – Q Are we winning? THE PRESIDENT: Absolutely, we’re winning. Al Qaeda is on the run. As a matter of fact, the mastermind, or the people who they think is the mastermind of the September the 11th attacks is in our custody. We’ve now got a procedure for this person to go on trial, to be held for his account. Most of al

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CIA believes that Al Qaeda killed Bhutto

I have written a lot on Benizar Bhutto (here, here and here). She knew before she returned to Pakistan that there were going to attempts on her life. My question is where was the security? If she was unable to Pervez Musharref and the Pakistani government to protect her then she needed to get someone. What about Blackwater? I guarantee that Blackwater would have been able to protect her for a price. Roads would have been cleared. She would have never been allowed to stick her head out of sunroof. Guys with high powered rifles, machine guns and wrap-around sunglasses would

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Countdown: Obama – really fighting Al Qaeda

Senator Obama is reminding folks that Dems can be strong.  Dems can be assertive.  Dems can fight the war on Terror and do a better job. Keith Olbermann has a rather good interview with Jonathan Alter.  They do talk about recent poll numbers , national poll numbers, showing Hillary with a 15 – 20 point lead over Obama.  What Alter forgets is the power of Iowa in the Democratic party.   The winner of Iowa gets a huge boost of money and momentum.  Hillary doesn’t look like she will win Iowa.  Edwards and Obama are leading all of the “important” early

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