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Wednesday Morning – Grab Bag

I go to work and work all day and of a sudden there is a crisis in Korea. What the hell? Where did this come from? Is South Korea ready for a final showdown? How many Patriot Missiles do we have in South Korea? Is it enough? This is bad. From Political Animal: Crisis on the Korean Peninsula: “South Korea warned North Korea on Tuesday of ‘enormous retaliation’ if it took more aggressive steps after Pyongyang fired scores of artillery shells at a South Korean island in one of the heaviest attacks on its neighbor since the Korean War ended in

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Clinton went, kicked butt and came home with two journalists

North Korea is a huge problem. With a leader who has proven that he will do any thing at any time, it is hard to figure out exactly what North Korea wants. Former President Bill Clinton and Former Vice President Al Gore were deeply involved in getting these two journalists released. I’m happy for them and their families. Congrats to everyone for bringing these Americans home safely. Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy From the LAT: Reporting from Washington and Seoul — Bill Clinton is returning from North Korea after securing the release of two American TV

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Sshh, don't tell anybody but N. Korea is disarming

Threatening North Korea for 5 years didn’t do anything except allow North Korea to build several nuclear weapons. Suddenly, the Bush administration tried diplomacy. They kicked John Bolton and Donald Rumsfeld to the curb and started talking. Now, North Korea is dismantling their nuclear facility. (The Bush administration has pieced together exactly what Bill Clinton had done nearly 7 – 8 years ago.) ———- From WaPo: President Bush today lifted some trade sanctions against North Korea and acted to remove the country from a list of states that sponsor terrorism, after the isolated Stalinist regime turned over a key document detailing

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