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Author Vincent Bugliosi Testifies Before the House

Vincent Bugliosi is a best selling author. His latest book is “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.” His book is sitting here on my floor in my study, but I haven’t cracked it yet. Below, Bugliosi does not pull any punches. He is clear and straightforward.

I have also talked about impeachment of George W. Bush in this blog on a number of occasions. I have had Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein on my radio show and we discussed the reasons for impeachment.

I’m still reading “The Conscience of a Liberal” currently. Now that you know what book I’m reading, call into my radio show at 828-252-4348 when I mention it tomorrow, Saturday July 26 at 9 am. If you are the first caller, you will win $75 and a copy of the book, “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.” Listen to his opening statement.

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TDS – Sugar and spice

Who would prejudge a beautiful well dressed blonde? Well, I would for one. I try not to prejudge any one but it happens. Lara Logan is a beautiful woman who has been in Iraq for over 5 years. I just didn’t think that she would bring it. I thought she would sugar coat what’s going on. NOT!! In your face!! She doesn’t pull any punches. When was the last time that the American people has seen a dead American soldier. That was one of her rhetorical questions. Jon Stewart was blown away by her frankness.

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