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Monday Evening News Roundup

I was working really late last night and I didn’t get home until about nine o’clock this morning. I was kind of exhausted. Now, finally, I think the cobwebs have cleared… I don’t know about you, but I find it funny that Mitt Romney several Republicans have decided that they are champions of American manufacturing. Remember, Mitt Romney has made millions of dollars by dismantling American manufacturing and sending the pieces overseas. For me, one of the problems with Rick Santorum is that he doesn’t make any sense. Last week, he decided that he was going to jump on the social

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Monday Morning News Roundup

I find it hard to believe that it was just six or eight weeks ago that we were talking about the last possible government shutdown. Tempers flared. There was a lot of finger-pointing but, in the end, Republicans backed off from their extreme positions and the government continued. Once again, we’re looking at a government shutdown. In a terrible game of déjà vu, Republicans have again decided they need to use the American economy as a bargaining chip. Democrats cannot agree to any short-term measures, in my opinion. Republicans are playing a game of death by 1000 cuts (pun intended). They

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Why Goldman Sucks

Besides being very proud of myself for the pun, I’m still distressed at Goldman Sachs raking in record profits. I heard on Left, Right and Center, Mike Murphy say something like what is good for Sachs is good for the country. What? Wall Street has divorced itself from the rest of the country. They are living in the lap of luxury while the rest of America has been really struggling. As usual, Paul Krugman puts all of this into perspective. Krugman (emphasis is mine): First, it tells us that Goldman is very good at what it does. Unfortunately, what it does is bad for America.

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