British troops begin a pullout

Now this is interesting. We were told by the Bush administration that we were playing a game of “whack at mole.” We would go into one region and the insurgents would move into another. Because of this we need more troops. But now, Britain is pulling out troops. Using the Bush Administration’s logic wouldn’t the insurgents just fill that vacuum?



British Prime Minister Tony Blair will order nearly half the British troops in Iraq home by the end of 2007, British news outlets reported early Wednesday.

The British Broadcasting Corporation and The Sun newspaper said Blair will tell the House of Commons on Wednesday that 1,500 soldiers will be back in Britain within weeks and that 3,000 of Britain’s contingent of 7,000 will be back by the end of the year.
“Control of the south of the country, unaffected by the civil war raging around Baghdad, will be handed back to the Iraqis,” the tabloid Sun reported.

The move comes as the United States is sending more troops into Iraq in an effort to put down a wave of sectarian violence in Baghdad and pacify the western province of Anbar, the heart of the Sunni Arab insurgency.

In Washington, National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said President Bush has been grateful for British support “in the past and into the future.” (more…)