Thursday Morning News Roundup

  • Rick Perry’s job’s miracle… Not so much
  • Another look at the jobs data from Texas reveals that the private sector has actually lost jobs in Texas over the last three years. It is the public sector, the one which Rick Perry hates so much, which is adding jobs.
  • The Florida Supreme Court has told Rick Scott that he’s overstepped his executive powers as governor of Florida.
  • Did the SEC destroy documents which prove that banks defrauded Americans?
  • A Michele Bachmann staffer has been jailed for terrorism-related activities in Uganda.
  • I have no idea how you spank a child for seven hours. Christianity is about mercy and love. Seven hours is about torture.
  • Jim Hightower, longtime progressive activist from the great state of Texas, has a little insight on Rick Perry.
  • Weekly unemployment claims have increased. Here’s a nice graph from Calculated Risk: