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Obama fires back

I found this very interesting. President Obama has turned up the heat on the Supreme Court.   From HuffPo: President Barack Obama offered his first public comments on the Supreme Court’s hearing of his signature health care law, telling reporters that he believed the court will rule that it is constitutional.

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Former Senator Bob Graham: I wasn't told.

Greg Sergent interviews one of my favorite people, Bob Graham, former senator from Florida. Senator Graham, who was chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee when 9/11 happened, keeps a personal diary which is very detailed.  If anyone would know what was said when, it would be him. From Plumline: Former Senator Bob Graham, who received a classified briefing on terror detainees during the same month in the fall of 2002 as Nancy Pelosi, was not briefed about the use of either waterboarding or enhanced interrogation techniques during the meeting, he claimed in an interview with me. Graham’s assertion — his first

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Obama eliminates one Right Wing Talking Point

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy From C&L: It was smart to address this, because the wingnut echo chamber in talk radio is pushing the idea that “fascist” Obama wants to take over and run more private industries: WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said he wants to get the government out of the private sector as fast as possible — but that as long as his administration is acting as a major shareholder for large sectors of American commerce, from cars to finance, he won’t hesitate to shape decisions at those firms. President Barack Obama

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