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Is Farve Making a Comeback?

Brett Farve is arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time. No matter who you would rank higher (Aikman, Young?), almost everyone has Farve in the top 10. He just announced his retirement in March. Now, there are rumors that he is thinking about coming back this season.

Farve has been thinking and talking about retirement for the last three years. He has had a great career and last year he had a fantastic season. He was soo close to a Super Bowl. But, it’s time for him to hang up the cleats. To be honest, he should have retired three years ago. Last year was his best year in five or six years. In the two games that he was really challenged– Dallas and New York– he laid an egg. I think that Darrin Woodson is correct in saying that The Packers should close the door and move on.

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Cowboys out last Packers: 37 – 27

In spite of Collinsworth trying to make a big deal of a late pass interference penalty, the game was not won or lost on that play. Both teams tried to win and lose this game. Both teams had ridiculous penalties. Both teams had costly face mask penalties. The game was lost by the Green Bay Packers’ offensive line. For reasons that were unclear the Packers wanted to go deep which means that the offensive line had to give Farve time. Greg Ellis, Demarcus Ware and blitzing linebackers hit Farve throughout the first and second quarter.

Although Chris Collinsworth stated that Tony Romo played well, he really didn’t. He missed wide open receivers. This was Romo’s worst game since the Buffalo game. Patrick Crayton deserves a game ball but got no lovin’ from Bryant Gumbel (who looks ill) or Collinsworth.

So, the Dallas Cowboys knocked Brett Farve out of the game. There was much celebration but the Packers didn’t rollover. The Cowboys were still celebrating as the Packers scored 14 unanswered points. The Boyz served up a goose egg in the 3rd quarter. I think that this is the first time that the Cowboys haven’t scored anything in the 3rd quarter all . This may have been one of Jason Garrett’s worse game at ball calling. 4th and 2 and we run Julius Jones. Julius (I can’t make a move or make someone miss) Jones ran right into the back of his right tackle. Garrett called a screen in the third quarter when we needed to make a play. Marion Barber was dropped for a 3 yard loss.

Demarcus Ware had a monster game. He had the play of the game. The Packers clearly had the momentum. The Cowboys had driven the ball down the field. Tony Romo threw a TD to Terrell Owens who flipped-bobbled-bounced the ball up in the air and Al Harris happily intercepted. The Packers have the ball on the 20. Rodgers hits Jennings for 15 yards, ball on 35. More momentum. 1st and 10 – incomplete pass. 2nd and 10 – a 5 yard pass to an invisible Donald Driver. 3rd and 5 – Demarcus Ware comes off the corner and sacks Rodgers. Momentum stopped.

Don’t believe the hype. The Cowboys are good but they aren’t great. The defense needs to tighten up. Stupid penalties must stop. The offense needs to be able to run the ball any time.

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