Where’s the Outrage podcast 7-22-06

Professor SpencerUpdated: Can someone please explain what is going on the Middle East?   I try to do my best to explain that the Bush administration has not been leading.  We also discuss the data behind Global Warming.  Sen. Inhofe of Oklahoma doesn’t beleive that Global Warming exists.  I think he is wrong on this one.  He was the same Senator that stood during the gay marriage debate and proclaimed that none of his kids and grandkids were gay.

On Today’s show – Ava Lowery of Peace Takes Courage.  Wow, she is smart and informed and only 15!!!

Professor Spencer Overton from George Washington School of Law.  His book Stealing Democracy is wonderful.  Hello, elections aren’t fair.  Playing with districts.  Hassle voters that you don’t want to vote.  Don’t have enough voting machines in areas you want low turnout.  These are just a few of the methods used to rig elections. Great information.  Well written.  Great interview.