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Cowboys roll over Jets

I thought that this was going to be one of those games that sneak up on a good team. I thought that the Dallas Cowboys would come out flat against the New York Jets. This was the perfect “gotcha” game. The Jets have not really looked that good in any of their wins (all 3 of them). Next week the Cowboys play the Green Bay Packers. So, the Boyz could have been caught looking ahead.

In spite of parity, the league has settled into top tier, a middle tier and the bottom. While there can be a little discussion about where a particular team is in this classification, most teams will fit neatly into one category or the other. Therefore the league isn’t quite as exciting … I’m not sure that exciting is the right word. Unpredictable. That’s better. The Colts, Cowboys, Packers and Patriots are clearly the best teams in the league. (more…)

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Daughtry – Over You

Oh, I’m sure that everyone over the age of 20 has someone who dumped them.  We all wish that we could have written a song like this and really mean it.  Daughtry continues to impress me with his voice.

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Iran angered over French remarks

The drumbeat of war is loud and clear. The Bush Administration has kept it going for the last 12 months. Now, France has dialed up the rhetoric.


From CNN.com:

Iran’s foreign ministry criticized France on Monday for a blunt warning over the weekend that Europe must prepare for war if Tehran continues to flout international demands to stop producing nuclear fuel.

“We hope that such statements are superficial and do not reflect France’s realistic and strategic points of view,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said Monday, according to the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency. (more…)

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