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$100 million lawsuit over Super Bowl

No really.  A player from the St. Louis Rams has files a $100 million lawsuit against the New England Patriots over the 2002 Super Bowl.  You remember that just before this last Super Bowl (a couple of weeks ago) a new revelation appeared.  The New England Patriots were accused of spying against the St. Louis Rams.  This of course fits nicely with the fact that the New England Patriots are found to be videotaping the New York Jets very early in the season.  Willie Gary, former Rams player, filed a $100 million lawsuit in the US District Court in New Orleans.

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Cowboys lose T.O. in a win over Carolina

I’m going to try not to break my arm while patting myself on my back. I said that Marion Barber and Julius Jones needed to step up. They did. They ran for a combined 135 yards on 31 attempts. I also said that Patrick Crayton and Sam Herd needed to step up. They combined for 10 catches for 115 yards. The Dallas Cowboys took care of business against the Carolina Panthers. Terrell Owens got hurt on a catch over the middle (the extent of his injury is unknown.  x-rays are negative.  MRI on Monday.) but other than that the Dallas Cowboys

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Bend over corporate America has a little something for you

I’m going to tell you 2 recent tales that happened in my life which underscores the problems in corporate America.  For extra emphasis, I’m adding a recent segment of the Bill Moyers Journal.  If you haven’t seen the Bill Moyers Journal you are missing some of the best reporting and journalism anywhere.  Bill Moyers speaks with John Bogle.  Mr. Bogle isn’t some commie pinko who wants everyone to live in communes.  Instead, he is the creator and chairman of the highly successful Vanguard Group investment company. When I was growing up Sears was the place to get appliances and tools.  They

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