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Tuesday Afternoon News Roundup (Update)

On Sunday, Texas Governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry had a big prayer rally in Houston, Texas. The governor’s prayer rally drew somewhere around 30,000 people. Interestingly, just blocks away at the convention center in Houston, they were giving away free school supplies. How may people turned up for free school supplies? Over 100,000! School supplies as a rule aren’t that expensive. Yet with one fifth of Houston residents living below the poverty level, many are desperate. Ongoing riots in London. On the good-bad scale this is bad. Very bad. Update:  No significant violence so far tonight in London. Manchester has had an

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Swine flu is still out there

I have blogged on Swine Flu every week since its outbreak.  I have a feeling that nobody is listening.  There are over 21,000 cases in the US with 87 deaths.  Every state from Alaska to Florida has reported swine flu cases. Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy This is a huge problem and there is evidence that we haven’t taken the proper precautions. From DemFromCT (DailyKos): Pay attention to swine flu: The first study of U.S. health care workers with swine flu found that many didn’t do enough to protect themselves against the virus. Researchers

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E coli outbreak spreads

From CNN.com: As many as 84 people in five Northeastern states have been confirmed as having the strain of E. coli bacteria involved in an outbreak believed to be linked to Taco Bell restaurants, officials said Thursday. State and federal agencies are still trying to pin down the source. At least one lawsuit relating to the outbreak already has been filed against the fast-food restaurant chain. E. coli cases — first reported November 29 in New Jersey, followed by New York and Pennsylvania — now have appeared in Delaware and Connecticut, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said. Interviews showed that

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