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Is Fred Thompson in or out?

It turns out that the Federal Election Commission has rules that govern this in or out status. It turns out that blogger Lane Hudson filed an FEC complaint that Thompson was acting more like a candidate than someone who was exploring the possibility of a run at the White House.

I’m not sure that I have this many campaign blunders before a candidate announces that he is actually going to run. McCain has had blunders but that was after he announced. Romney’s mouth is what is tripping him up. Fred Thompson is in a league all of his own. His spokesperson, Burson Snyder, has resigned. Maybe he’ll have all of his campaign staff troubles over before he starts his campaign. (Could it be that many signed up the image of Fred Thompson and they found out that the man was completely different?)

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Rumsfeld is out!

From CNN.com:

President Bush introduced Robert Gates on Wednesday afternoon as his nominee to replace Donald Rumsfeld as secretary of defense, saying the country needs a “fresh perspective” on Iraq.

Gates, a former CIA chief, was a member of the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan panel that is making recommendations to Bush on how to proceed in Iraq.

Gates traveled with the panel to Iraq earlier this year, an experience, Bush said, that will enable Gates to come up with “new ideas on how America can achieve our goals in Iraq.” 

Gates, 63, said Wednesday he accepted the nomination because “the United States is at war” and the president called.

“I believe the outcome of these conflicts will shape our world for decades to come,” Gates said.

Bush announced Rumsfeld’s departure earlier Wednesday. more

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Delay bows out?

Did you hear Delay’s letter to his republican colleagues? Yes, he steps down as majority leader but he also said, “During my time in Congress, I have always acted in an ethical manner within the rules of our body and the laws of our land. I am fully confident time will bear this out.” What? Isn’t he the same Tom Delay who has been sited by the Republican controlled House Ethics committee on 4 different occasions?

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