NFL week 13: somebody give me a Ouija board!

The New York Jets battled the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night. This was nowhere close to the best that the NFL has to offer. This was a display of some bad offensive football.

The Philadelphia Eagles versus the Atlanta Falcons. This game could be called “Desperation City.” Both teams really need to win this game in order to stay in the playoff hunt. Both have been playing up-and-down football. In spite of the Eagles looking mediocre at best, they’ve won six of their last seven games. Look for the Eagles to find some way to to win this game also. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan is not scheduled to play. This really hurts Atlanta’s offense.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Carolina Panthers. Although the Buccaneers have not been winning, they look better every single week. They’ve been playing hard. They’ve been making few mistakes. I can’t say the same for the Carolina Panthers. Their quarterback, Jake Delhomme, who has been in the Christmas spirit all year by giving away the football, is out for this week’s game. Cornerback Matt Moore will make the fourth start of his career. Also, D’Angelo Williams is listed as questionable. This game is a toss-up. If I have to choose, I’ll go with the Buccaneers in this one.

The St. Louis Rams versus the Chicago Bears. The Bears have been decimated by injuries. The St. Louis Rams desperately need an offensive line. Every week, I’ve been saying that Jake Cutler is going to play better. This week, just to be consistent, I will continue this trend. Both the Bears and the Rams need some help on their offensive lines. If Cutler can take care of the ball, the Bears can win. If he can’t, look for another three- or four-interception outing.

The Detroit Lions versus the Cincinnati Bengals. Although the Bengals have been playing some good football of late, they hit a rough spot in their schedule. Their offense has been struggling, although their running game has remained strong. The one thing that struggling offense needs is the Detroit Lions. Look for Carson Palmer and Larry Johnson to have big games. The Cincinnati Bengals should win this one by more than a touchdown. (more…)