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Blogging will be light for the next several days. I’m at a trauma conference and I’m supposed to be paying attention.

  • What was the point of Hillary Clinton opening up the race thing? I heard a discussion on Ed Schultz show yesterday where a Black woman stated that Black women in South Carolina were being forced to chose between being a women (voting for Hillary) and being Black (voting for Obama). This is where this argument has headed. This is craziness? You mean a Black man can’t be sensitive to women’s issues? A White woman can’t be sensitive to the needs of the Black community? Give me a break. Officially, there has been a truce.
  • For reasons that are unclear to me Senator Mitchell is testifying on Capital Hill today about Baseball and steroids. First of all, I would hope that Congress has better things to do with their time. Secondly, it is clear that Roger Clemens took steroids, just as Barry Bonds has. You can’t put on 30 – 40 lbs of muscle in your late 30’s to early forties. I don’t care what kind of great training the player is doing. Can you lose fat? Sure. I’m talking about putting on a significant amount of muscle. Steroids.
  • I’m typing this post on my Dell Inspiron computer. I bought this computer about 4 or 5 years ago. It has been a good little computer. I really haven’t had any major problems. I have been able to do just about anything that iI wanted with this computer. It is a little heavy but I have the wide screen. Today, Apple has announced a thin computer. I mean a super-thin, light-weight computer (0.76 inches thick). If I only had $1700… okay, $1800 laying around.
  • John Conyer (D-Mi) chairman of the House Judiciary committee, has called on the attorney general to name a special prosecutor to look into how and who destroyed the CIA’s torture tapes.
  • Republican candidate Mike Huckabee stated last night that he wanted to amend the constitution so that it is consistent with God (banning abortion and gay marriage).  Now, I have a problem any time someone believes that they know the will of God.  When scholars disagree, then it is clear that none of us have a monopoly on the will of God.
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In other news…

The craziness in Pakistan marches on. Bhutto’s supporters are being arrested. Bush is supposed to be pressuring Musharraf but I’m not buying it. We supported this guy. Bin Laden is on the loose and we supported a guy that really didn’t believe in Democracy, freedom or liberty?

Nancy Nord is the acting head of the consumer protection safety commission. She is the one that told democrats that she didn’t need or want additional moneys to inspect imported toys. Ms. Nord was on Capital Hill testifying in front of the House. She got an ear full from Democrats like Edward Markey. Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., said it was clear the CPSC has not been fully doing its job during Nord’s two-year tenure. “The CPSC once stood for the Consumer Protection Safety Commission. Today it stands for ‘Can’t Protect the Safety of Children,”‘ Markey said. “The reality is CPSC has lost 15 percent of its workforce since 2004. … As the holidays approach, parents should not have to play toybox roulette.”

The Senate, for reasons that aren’t really clear to me, have confirmed Michael Mukasey for Attorney General just a few minutes ago. Why? Saying that you can’t or shouldn’t decide based on one issue is crazy. Torture is more than one issue. It is about executive power. It is about the rule of law. We know what the law says. The administration isn’t following the law and Mukasey has basically said that he doesn’t care if the administration follows the law. I have a problem with that. Unfortunately, 53 senators do not have a problem with that.

BTW, did you see that op-ed over the weekend that was written by a JAG about torture.  Outstanding.  He discusses the ridiculousness of the waterboarding debate.  He gives a little history lesson.  Well worth a read.

If you put enough earmarks in a bill, sooner or later you will have something for everyone. That’s exactly what the Congress did yesterday. They were able to override another Bush veto. I’m not sure that this is a formula for success. Maybe it is. The Dems are going to have to do something different to show the American people that they are the answer. They are smart enough to pull legislation past a stick-in-the-mud president. Look for an Iraq funding bill to have similar earmarks.

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TDS – In other words

This is a montage of goodness from the Daily Show. Jon Stewart starts off with the lonely nerd, Neil Cavuto. He has his fourth interview with President Bush and is so nonconfrontational, so loving, so admiring that you almost wonder if they need their own room. He then wanders into the president’s annoying Habit of saying “in other words.” Finally, we go to Iowa where news correspondent, Aasif Mandvi, explains how Mitt Romney’s sons are serving their country just as our soldiers are serving their country in the fields of Iraq.

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