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News Roundup – Racism Exists, Another Republican budget, State Dept

First of all, I must smile. Several friends have sent out messages to check on me. I haven’t posted on this blog in over 10 days. Several years ago, I posted at least 3 times per day. Although I have stuff to say most of it isn’t interesting. So, I bore my wife with my rants. 🙂 I’m good. I’m just working hard and trying to get some sleep. Oh and remember that my grandkids were here. Kaleb and I saved the universe. Morgan and I cooked burgers. Well, I cooked she danced!!!

Several days ago, some students from University of Oklahoma were filmed singing a racist song. Black, Hispanics, Asians and others have heard these songs for years. Now, there is nothing new of young men getting together and drinking themselves into stupidity. Frats have been the home of this type of behavior for centuries. The only difference is that these young men were caught on video. Look we do not live in a post-racial world. Race is as confusing and influential has it has ever been.  People are aware of race now because we are more interactive with other races than ever before. There isn’t a white or black haven. I don’t think that OU is any more or less racist than any other American college campus. I don’t think that any student should have been expelled but I also understand that NCAA sports are an important source of moolah for colleges. The college president had to “prove” that OU was welcoming to current and future football and basketball players. If you want to dug into an issue, dig into SAE. They are special frat.

Every year for the past 4 or 5 years or more, the Republicans will put together a budget that reflects their values. They take from the poor and give the rich. The last several budgets have not even tried to be balanced. They all have some mystery factor (taxes or budget cuts) which aren’t spelled out. This budget is no different. Paul Krugman has more.

Conservatives are pushing a story in which the State Department was funding a group that supported the opposition leader in Israel. Here’s the story. You decide.  As I look at it, I can’t make heads or tails out of this story. Several conservative web sites have pushed the same story. There really isn’t good sources. No major news outlet has picked up the story (except Fox News). I can’t see an upside for the US to pour money into a foreign election of an ally.


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The Iran crackdown (Update)

We all knew it was coming. It was simply a matter of time. Water cannons, tear gas and riot batons greeted Iranian protesters this morning. Now we’re at a critical juncture. The government has made it clear that they’re not going to put up with any more of these protests. Now it is the protest leaders’ move. Will they try and push forward? Will they try and garner more support? In my opinion, in order for these protests to mean anything, the protest leaders need to get more people out instead of fewer. The protest will need to be more orderly and more civilized… and more Gandhi-like than ever.

Photos of the chaos.

From NYT:

Police officers used sticks and tear gas to force back thousands of demonstrators under plumes of black smoke in the capital on Saturday, a day after Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said there would be “bloodshed” if street protests continued over the disputed presidential election.

Separately, state-run media reported that three people were wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Tehran shrine of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in the southern part of the city, several miles from the scheduled protests. The report of the blast could not be independently confirmed.

The violence unfolded on a day of extraordinary tension across Iran. The opposition leader, Mir Hussein Moussavi, appeared at a demonstration in southern Tehran and called for a general strike if he were to be arrested. “I am ready for martyrdom,” he said. (more…)

Update from the BBC:

US President Barack Obama has warned Iran to stop all “unjust action against its own people”, after another day of protests over the presidential poll.

Witnesses said security forces used batons and live ammunition in clashes with protesters, who had gathered in defiance of the country’s leader.

Mr Obama urged Iran’s leaders to “govern through consent, not coercion”.

Defeated candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi repeated calls for the election to be annulled on the grounds it was rigged.

Mr Obama, in a statement from the White House on Saturday, said: “The universal rights to assembly and free speech must be respected, and the United States stands with all who seek to exercise those rights. (more…)

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