Another speech. Another opportunity to repeat himself

Now, President Bush isn’t even trying to change. He is stating the same thing over and over. Now, he is even using the exact same words. Maybe we shouldn’t be paying attention. Here are the points that make this speech not worth you time to listen to it.

1) He wastes no time bringing 9-11 into the picture. Confusing 9-11 and Iraq is wrong. In his 4th paragragh – “September 11, 2001, our nation awoke to a sudden attack, and we accepted new responsibilities. We are confronting new dangers with firm resolve.” I could argue this paragraph for 2 hours. We did not accept squat!! We invaded Afghanistan. We did not accept the responsibility to rebuild that country which is slowing sliding into the icy grip of the Taliban…again.

2) His very next paragraph makes┬áme want to puke. “We are hunting down the terrorists and their supporters. We will fight this war without wavering. And we will prevail.” Where is Osama? He is the terrorist most responsible for 9-11. Where is he? If he isn’t in one of those secret prisons then we ain’t doing the job. Where is Omar the leader of the Taliban?

When is he going to give us a plan? Staying the course isn’t a good plan! We tried it and it hasn’t worked.