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Glenn Beck at NRA convention

Glenn Beck

It’s been years since I’ve mentioned Glenn Beck on this blog. There is generally no reason to bring him up. In my mind, you shouldn’t mention him in polite company. Although there are some Americans who believe that Glenn Beck is a “real American,” I think the data would show us otherwise. He is nothing more than an opportunist. He pedals conspiracy theories and plays to the fears of vulnerable Americans.

Glenn Beck was true to form when he delivered a speech that was over two hours long in Houston at the NRA. First of all, I cannot imagine anybody sitting still and listen to Glenn Beck for over two hours. Secondly, he went back into his old bag of tricks and pulled out the conspiracy declaring that “they want to fundamentally transform our country and they’re just about finished with the project.” Who are they? Glenn Beck never says. It is somewhat implied that it is liberals. He then launched into some misguided attempt at defining the Second Amendment as protecting our “natural rights” and throwing off the chains of tyranny. Have you heard this before? You should have. Glenn Beck says this type of stuff all the time.

I just don’t understand how the chains of tyranny can be defined as a background check before you purchase a gun. I simply don’t understand how not allowing Americans to purchase assault weapons equals tyranny. In order to sit still and listen to Glenn Beck drone on for over two hours, you have to believe that everybody is lying to you. This fight over gun control is not about limiting guns (and removing them from folks who have proved that they shouldn’t have weapons), but instead it is about actually taking guns away from law-abiding Americans. No one has seriously suggested this. No one. Yet, Mr. I Petal Paranoia is trying to stoke the fears of law-abiding Americans. Then again, the far right has been pushing this mantra for more than six years.

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Thursday Morning News Roundup

Sarah Palin

I know that everybody was waiting on the edge of their seats to see if Sarah Palin was going to run for president. Right now, the rumors are she’s not going to run. This should be no surprise to anyone who follows politics. As remember, Sarah Palin started her bus tour several months ago. No matter what she and her handlers said about the bus tour, the purpose of the bus tour was clear – to generate a buzz. Unfortunately for Sarah Palin, her bus tour of New Hampshire, Vermont and New England was a flop. So, she fell back to her alternative plan, to let the presidential race start and then let a groundswell of people who did not want Mitt Romney or Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann to run to ask her, to demand that she get in the race. That didn’t happen either. So, I think she has no alternative but to announce that she is not running for president.

A new immigration law is causing many Alabama workers to flee the state.

The mainstream media has completely missed the whole point of Occupy Wall Street. The mainstream media continues to point out there’s not a coherent message. I find this somewhat amusing. The Tea Party for months never expressed a coherent message, yet the mainstream media covered the Tea Party’s every sneeze, hiccup and rally, even if there were only three people there. Jon Stewart has a nice segment on this.

Liberals and progressives need to take notice of Occupy Wall Street. This is people power. Occupy Wall Street has grown out of the overwhelming show of solidarity that we saw in Wisconsin.

I know that the word “maverick” has been thrown around a lot in the last 24 months. The word had been hijacked by Sarah Palin, when in fact the word “opportunist” would probably fit her better. On the other hand, Derrick Bell was truly a maverick. Consider his work in the Justice Department when superiors told him that his membership in the NAACP was a conflict of interest. He quit his job in the Justice Department. When he was a tenured professor at Harvard Law School, he stepped down because of Harvard’s minority hiring practices (or lack thereof). Derrick Bell has died at the age of 80. He was a true maverick. He fought for social justice. He was a true warrior.

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