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Egypt 2.1

It looks like, for reasons that are unclear to me, Egypt is starting over again. The democratically elected leader has been thrown out. A new interim government has been set up. This just doesn’t look like a good precedent to me. From BBC: The top judge of Egypt’s constitutional court, Adli Mansour, is to be sworn in as interim leader, hours after the army ousted President Mohammed Morsi. Army chief Gen Abdul Fattah al-Sisi announced the move in a TV address on Wednesday evening, in what Mr Morsi said was a military coup. Gen Sisi said Mr Morsi, Egypt’s first freely

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CNN calls Ron Paul for racist newsletter (Update)

I wrote this several years ago. The funny thing is that it is still relevant. Ron Paul walked out of an interview where he was asked once again about this newsletter which bears his name. He has stuck to the story that he didn’t write the racist comments. He has never answered several basic questions. Who wrote the comments? If the newsletter bore his name, and it did, why didn’t he edit it for content? Wasn’t that his personal responsibility to his readers? When pressed by Gloria Berger, Ron Paul stated, “I’ve never read that stuff. I’ve never read – I

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How Big Business Operates – Massey Energy

Republicans, as far as I know, have always been and always will be all business, all the time. They are huge supporters of capitalism and, more importantly, unfettered capitalism. They do not believe that capitalism should be restrained by silly government regulations (to them, all regulations are silly). The rest of us understand that unfettered capitalism leads to massive abuse of workers, of customers and of other businesses. The rest of us understand that without appropriate controls capitalism is not about competition but instead it is about crushing your opponents. Capitalism is about making money and that’s it. Yesterday we saw

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