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Remember Operation Together Forward

Operation Together Forward was the president’s answer to the ongoing violence in Iraq. Mid-term elections were coming and the Republicans by all polling were going to take a beating. The President did everything that he could to beat down those nah-sayers. He and his generals were going to calm Baghdad and save the Republicans. But, Together Forward with its Iraq troops in support of American troops didn’t work out so go. In late summer, Operation Together Forward 2 was launched. Americans would clear and the Iraqis would hold. It didn’t work.

So, the Republicans were beaten but no as badly as they should have been because the President played the fear card again and it worked on some Americans, again. The Iraq Study Group was formed. They reviewed and studied and reported what we already knew. Things in Iraq were terrible and getting worse. We needed a regional strategy to fix this problem. Not a military one. Well, the president blew the ISG a raspberry. He surged. The Surge sounds very much like Operation Together Forward.

This whole thing has been a McGuffin. The Bush team has run out of ideas and options. Years ago, in the NCAA Basketball tournament, when you were an inferior team but you somehow got the lead you would go to the 4 corners offense in order to run out the clock. We are seeing the Bush Administrations 4 corners offense. They are trying to keep the Senate Republicans at bay. If they are able to run out the clock they will leave this mess to a Democratic president who will then have to look weak by pulling out of Iraq. The subsequent chaos will be blamed on that president by Limbaugh, Hannity and the gang.

The Surge is a delaying technique. The 6 month roll out of the Surge was another delaying technique. “Let’s wait until we get a report from General Petraeus in September.” Once we get the report then we will have to make “adjustments.” I’m sure after the adjustments there will be another report and more adjustments. The administration will continue to ask for a little more patience and little more time. The plan is working – they will say. I’m convened that we are watching the 4 corners offense. This plan is designed to enough Republican Senators behind the president until January 2009 to block anti-war legislation.

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The Errington Thompson Show 1/13/07

As usual a ton of stuff going on. The big story of the week is President Bush announces his “new” plan. The new plan – Surge and Accelerate – looks like Operation Together Forward and Operation Together Forward II. What you didn’t know that that there was a Together Forward II. Yep, in August 2006. It was twice as effective and the original. We look for something to hope for in Surge. We look up and down and find…nothing to hope for.

We have Brian Katulis, a frequent guest of our show, middle East expert, from the Center for American Progress.

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Maliki choses unknown to run Baghdad operation

Brian Katulis mentioned this on my radio show this morning.  I had missed it.  Who is this guy?  Why are the Kurds nervous?  I’m now wondering about Maliki.  What is he about?  Is he really interested in a stable democratic government? 


From LAT:

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has filled the top military job in Baghdad with a virtually unknown officer chosen over the objections of U.S. and Iraqi military commanders, officials from both governments said.

Iraqi political figures said Friday that Maliki also had failed to consult the leaders of other political factions before announcing the appointment of Lt. Gen. Abud Qanbar.

The appointment is highly significant because it is Maliki’s first public move after President Bush’s announcement that he was sending more troops to Iraq. The prime mission of those troops is to reduce violence in Baghdad, much of which is blamed on sectarian fighters.

As the Iraqi commander for the capital, Qanbar would play a central role in that campaign, and any ties he might have to sectarian groups could undermine the new U.S. effort.

In his speech Wednesday, in which he announced the troop increase, Bush said political and sectarian interference in security matters would no longer be tolerated. (more…)

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