What Did Rush Say?

Did Rush Limbaugh just ask for riots in Denver? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. While Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann do an excellent job discussing this topic, they don’t mention that Limbaugh is not stupid. He has a terrible ideology but he is not stupid. The one thing that is consistent about all of Limbaugh’s pronouncements is that they are all designed to increase ratings.

Suppose that Democrats take the White House and Congress. And further suppose that the Democrats also win overwhelming victories in state and local elections. Limbaugh’s huge audience would get cut by half. As a result, his employer would not afford to pay his huge salary. This just can’t happen in Limbaugh’s world. Therefore, he must stay relevant and not sit idly by.

First, we have Operation Chaos–¬† It sounds like something Maxwell Smart¬† would say (if you’re too young to get the reference, Google it). Limbaugh is for former Republicans registering as Democrats in order to vote in the primaries for Senator Hillary Clinton. Secondly, he would like the Democratic convention to grind to a halt. He would like to see a lot of infighting. This is the Limbaugh dream because this would mean that he is still important. In my opinion, we can’t have that. If the Republicans can live with McCain, who they aren’t real happy with, then we (the Democrats) can have a convention in which we figure out who will be the nominee without any of the craziness that Rush was talking about.