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U.S. Open Golf – Day 2

This year’s U.S. Open is being played at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, California. This course has been ridiculously hard. Making par has been a pipe dream for many of the world’s greatest golfers, including Luke Donald (+11, world’s number one player), Rory McElroy (+10, last year’s U.S. Open winner) and Bubba Watson (+9, this year’s Masters winner). Currently, Jim Furyk, Tiger Woods and David Toms are tied for the lead at one under par.

From the opening round, this is the best shot by Nick Watley:

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Elizabeth Taylor said that the way to determine whether someone is a star is to watch what they do. Tiger Woods is a star. The PGA is more watchable when Tiger is playing well.

Tiger Woods struck the ball very well today. More importantly, he was putting very well. He won his 72nd tournament at Jack Nicholas’ Memorial.

The US Open should be a great tournament. Matt Kuchar, Jason Dufner, Rickie Fowler (don’t count today) and Luke Donald are playing well. You can never count out Phil. The Open is going to be fun.

One of the reasons that Tiger Woods is so great to watch is that he comes up with those Tiger Moments. Sure, he can drain putts and crush the tee shot but he can also do something amazing like this shot.

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Open season on 12 year boy

Smearing, and the other word for smear in this case is lying, is a way of life in Washington. It on side says Z the other side says Y. So, on the SCHIP bill vetoed by President Bush, the Democrats had a 12 year old boy who was in a car crash give the weekly radio address. Ever since that address, the Right’s media machine has been cranking out the nonsense. I haven’t gone to the boys house nor have I checked the parent’s bank statements. I will assume that the Dems did their homework before choosing this boy. If they didn’t they should be taken out back and flogged but I think that they did. They should have known that this was coming. Right wing blogs, Rush Limbaugh and various congressmen spreading whatever they can and see what sticks. I’m guessing that honesty is too much to ask.

Keith Olbermann talks with Rachael Maddow of Air America.  As usual, Rachael does a great job conveying Right Wing hypocrisy.


From Think Progress:

The right wing’s attack on Graeme Frost, a 12-year old recipient of SCHIP, is now attracting attention from a number of traditional media outlets. “I think it’s really a sad statement about how bankrupt some of these people are in their arguments against S-chip that they would attack a 12-year-old boy,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said.

Mounting evidence suggests that the right-wing smear campaign may have been orchestrated by a staffer in Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) office. (more…)

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