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Impeachment the first and only priority

Man was I wrong. I even talked about reasons not to impeach on my radio show this morning. The reasons not to impeach go like this. We need to focus on one thing at a time. We need to focus on getting our troops out of Iraq. Also, because of the partisan atmosphere that Tom Delay and his gang created during the last impeachment (Clinton), we don’t need a repeat of that. The argument that the president has over reached is true but I was unmoved. On the Bill Moyer’s Journal, John Nichols, from the Nation, and Bruce Fein, an adjunct

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Monica Goodling – only 7 yrs out of law school

Ms. Monica Goodling is was the personal aid to Alberto Gonzales.  She was a graduate of Regent University.  This is a law school founded by Pat Robertson of the 700 club.  Now, everything is beginning to fall in place.  I was wondering why it seemed that the DOJ was so disorganized.  What was the deal?  Well, the deal is that many of the folks at Justice were not qualified to be there.  Ms. Goodling was not a seasoned prosecuter.  Instead, she was like in the White House an ideolog.  She was a true believer in the Bush administration and in the

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Walter Reed ain't the only military hospital with problems

    As I said (Here and here) that the VA system is not set up to care for trauma patients. The VA system is set up to care for older patients with chronic diseases. This isn’t a surprise since most vets are older and suffer from chronic diseases – heart disease, prostate cancer, lung disease, etc. Let’s not forget that the Bush administration has tried to cut the budget for the VA every year that they have been in office. The Washington Post is reporting that VA’s across the country have problems. —————- A review by the Department of Veterans

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