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Impeachment the first and only priority

Man was I wrong. I even talked about reasons not to impeach on my radio show this morning. The reasons not to impeach go like this. We need to focus on one thing at a time. We need to focus on getting our troops out of Iraq. Also, because of the partisan atmosphere that Tom Delay and his gang created during the last impeachment (Clinton), we don’t need a repeat of that.

The argument that the president has over reached is true but I was unmoved. On the Bill Moyer’s Journal, John Nichols, from the Nation, and Bruce Fein, an adjunct scholar from the conservative American Enterprise Institute, discuss the pros for impeachment last night. It was Fein and not Nichols who convinced me that impeachment not only should be on the table but needs to be priority #1. In a nutshell, Nichols and Fein say that Cheney and Bush have thumbed their noses at the constitution. They have broken the law not just once but multiple times.

Here’s a short list of what Fein, a constitutional lawyer, believes are the offenses against the constitution and we, the people:

  • Asserted Presidential power to create military commissions, which combine the functions of judge, jury, and prosecutor in the trial of war crimes.
  • Claimed authority to detain American citizens as enemy combatants indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay on the President’s say-so alone.
  • Initiated kidnappings, secret detentions, and torture in Eastern European prisons of suspected international terrorists.
  • Championed a Presidential power to torture in contravention of federal statutes and treaties.
  • Engineered the National Security Agency’s warrantless domestic surveillance program targeting American citizens on American soil in contravention of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978.
  • Orchestrated the invocation of executive privilege to conceal from Congress secret spying programs to gather foreign intelligence, and their legal justifications.
  • Summoned the privilege to refuse to disclose his consulting of business executives in conjunction with his Energy Task Force.
  • Retaliated against Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame, through chief of staff Scooter Libby, for questioning the administration’s evidence of weapons of mass destruction as justification for invading Iraq.

John Nichols has an article on The Nation’s web site. Cheney’s Actions Put Impeachment on the Table. Nichols then goes on to state – “House Members are backing impeachment for a number of reasons, including anger with Cheney’s involvement with manipulations of intelligence regarding Iraq, illegal spying on Americans and the promotion of torture, as well his recent attempt to avoid scrutiny by claiming that the Office of the Vice President was not part of the executive branch. And then there was President Bush’s decision to commute the 30-month prison sentence of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Cheney’s former chief of staff and co-conspirator in moves to punish former Ambassador Joe Wilson for exposing the deceptions that led to war.”

“The founders were very clear about the fact that abuses of the presidential authority to pardon or otherwise lift the burden of the law from subordinates was an impeachable offense. And a number of House members who take constitutional matters seriously have spoken up for impeachment since the commutation of Libby’s sentence.”

“As Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. said after Bush commuted the sentence of a former aide who could connect the dots outlining presidential and vice presidential wrongdoing, “In her first weeks as leader of the Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi withdrew the notion of impeachment proceedings against either President Bush or Vice President Cheney. With the president’s decision to once again subvert the legal process and the will of the American people by commuting the sentence of convicted felon Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby, I call on House Democrats to reconsider impeachment proceedings.”

In summary, to save our Nation and our Constitution, we need to impeach Cheney and Bush. We have to point out that this is not a partisan witch hunt. There are very important issues at stake. For example – The president throwing executive privilege around like anyone who talks to him should never have to reveal anything about that conversation to Congress. Harriet Miers and Sara Taylor should be the first 2 people who should be held in contempt of Congress.

Congress has work to do to restore our great Democracy. Congress get to work!!!

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Monica Goodling – only 7 yrs out of law school

Ms. Monica Goodling is was the personal aid to Alberto Gonzales.  She was a graduate of Regent University.  This is a law school founded by Pat Robertson of the 700 club.  Now, everything is beginning to fall in place.  I was wondering why it seemed that the DOJ was so disorganized.  What was the deal?  Well, the deal is that many of the folks at Justice were not qualified to be there.  Ms. Goodling was not a seasoned prosecuter.  Instead, she was like in the White House an ideolog.  She was a true believer in the Bush administration and in the one and only interpretation of the Bible.  She was a crusader. 

If she would have testified all of this would have come out.  The fact that she had no experience to justice US attorneys would have come out.  The fact that taking the 5th probably doesn’t apply for a Justice official.  She can plead the 5th for some of the questions but should be able to answer some also.

There is nothing wrong with a Christian being hired by the Department of Justice.  On the other hand, if the person was hired just because they were a Christian then I have a problem with that. 


From the Boston Globe:

Regent University School of Law, founded by televangelist Pat Robertson to provide “Christian leadership to change the world,” has worked hard in its two-decade history to upgrade its reputation, fighting past years when a majority of its graduates couldn’t pass the bar exam and leading up to recent victories over Ivy League teams in national law student competitions.

But even in its darker days, Regent has had no better friend than the Bush administration. Graduates of the law school have been among the most influential of the more than 150 Regent University alumni hired to federal government positions since President Bush took office in 2001, according to a university website. (more…)

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Walter Reed ain't the only military hospital with problems



As I said (Here and here) that the VA system is not set up to care for trauma patients. The VA system is set up to care for older patients with chronic diseases. This isn’t a surprise since most vets are older and suffer from chronic diseases – heart disease, prostate cancer, lung disease, etc.

Let’s not forget that the Bush administration has tried to cut the budget for the VA every year that they have been in office.

The Washington Post is reporting that VA’s across the country have problems.


A review by the Department of Veterans Affairs of 1,400 hospitals and other veterans care facilities released yesterday has turned up more than 1,000 reports of substandard conditions — from leaky roofs and peeling paint to bug and bat infestations — as well as a smaller number of potential threats to patient safety, such as suicide risks in psychiatric wards.

The investigation, ordered March 7 by VA Secretary Jim Nicholson, found problems such as rugs loaded with bacteria from patient “accidents,” ceiling and floor tiles with asbestos that needs to be removed, as well as exposed pipes and other fixtures from which mental patients could hang themselves. (more…)

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