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What’s up, Doc? Tuesday evening

You know, there are some days when you sit in front of the computer keyboard and all you want to do is play computer games. Today has been one of those days.


  • The death toll in the deadly tornado in Joplin, Missouri has risen to 122.
  • Is there a link between the terrible tornadoes that has destroyed most of Joplin, Missouri and climate change? Of course not (click the link before you comment on my sarcasm).
  • A new poll suggests that Americans are more worried about the deficit than they are worried about defaulting. Again, another poll that shows that Americans do not put things together as well as I would like. Exactly what would happen if we defaulted on our national debt is described in this article in Slate. It is not a pretty picture. The probability of us defaulting on our debt has actually been calculated. You can find those calculations here.
  • Alberto Gonzales, former Attorney General, seems to be trying to rehabilitate his image. After disgracing himself and his family he’s got a lot of work to do.
  • House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has sunk to a new low. He has now stated that aid to help the victims of the Missouri tornado needs to have offsets. He can go find all of those offsets by asking the Chamber of Commerce to fork over some of that money that they seem to be sitting on. Even the Hammer, Tom Delay didn’t go this far.
  • We need to rethink government contractors and political spending.
  • If you are a Republican and you’re going to hold a town hall meeting, you can expect some angry seniors to show up and ask you about your vote to end Medicare. So, as a young congressman, how do you face this mob? You don’t. You call security and have them and the reporters escorted out of the room. Very Classy Representative Justin Amash.
  • Representative Patrick McHenry (of my state of NC) acts like a jerk to Elizabeth Warren for no particular reason. Whether it was a misunderstanding or a mix up doesn’t matter. We can still treat each other with dignity and respect. In the south that is how we are raised. I have no idea how Rep McHenry was raised.
  • The Patriot Act, which I thought was a done deal, isn’t.  Rand Paul wants to vote on several provisions and, because of this, Senate majority leader Harry Reid has tabled a motion to extend the Patriot Act. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.
  • The Dallas Mavericks showed a lot of heart and tenacity by pulling out a victory in Oklahoma City last night to take a 3-1 led in the best of 7 series. On the other hand, the Oklahoma City Thunder caved under pressure. The Dallas Mavericks are down by 15 points with just over 5 min. to play in regulation. Dirk Nowitski played amazingly down the stretch with excellent leadership from Jason Kidd. Oklahoma City Thunder got no leadership from Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook. If you’re a Dallas fan it was on the watch, if you’re in Oklahoma City fan it would break your heart.
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Deficit Peacocks

Okay, it’s one of those days when I’m trying to figure out what it is that I want to post. Taylor Swift and Beyoncé took home a bunch of Grammys but I really don’t feel like talking about that. I did not have an opportunity to see the Pro Bowl. I went to the usual blogs to find inspiration — the Daily Kos, Think Progress, Buzzflash, the Huffington Post. Nothing. I did find a funny article on dreams but I surely don’t want to talk about that. I clicked on the link that led me to a New York Times article on the deficit.

I like the topic of the deficits since everybody seems to be in agreement but nothing seems to get done. Okay that statement was sort of right. Both Democrats and Republicans have stated over the years that we need to bring down the deficit. Democrats did what they said they were going to do. Republicans, not so much. Yet, when George Bush was in the White House and the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress, there was no attempt to control the exploding deficit. As a matter fact, to justify tax cuts for the wealthy that were never going to pay for themselves, Bush told us that there was more than enough money for his tax cuts. Neither the war in Iraq nor the war in Afghanistan were paid for. The Bush administration borrowed money for both wars through the supplemental process instead of through the budgetary process in order to avoid more attention.

Now the deficit guys (cleverly described as “deficit peacocks,” since they’re really not hawks) are out in force. They have America worried about how to pay for all of this red ink. Remember when President Clinton handed over the keys to the White House to President Bush? He handed Bush a budget surplus that was projected to be approximately $800 billion per year from 2009 to 2012. Instead, it looks as if we’re spending $1.2 trillion more than we’re taking in during this same time frame. What happened? About 33% of this $2 trillion deficit (the difference between $800 billion in the black and $1.2 trillion in the red) comes from George Bush’s tax cuts and his Medicare prescription benefit. About 20% of the deficit comes from Obama’s extension of Bush policies like the war in Iraq and tax cuts for households making less than $250,000. Only 7% comes from the stimulus bill passed in February 2009. The downturn in the business cycle accounts for approximately 37%.

So the next time a deficit peacock begins to tell you that Obama is ruining the country by driving up higher and higher deficits, you should remind him how we got these deficits. While you’re browbeating this deficit peacock with knowledge, remind him that it appears that Democrats figured out a way to balance the budget while Republicans (Reagan, Bush, Bush) figured out a way to increase the deficit. Republicans do not equal fiscal responsibility.

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Tiger still in it after terrible round

There are days when you just struggle. Whether it is football, the stock market, making burgers or making birdies. Tiger had one of those days. He couldn’t find the fairway at times. On 13 his second shot was so far off line that he took a drop. Yet, when it was all said and done, he needed a birdie to force a playoff.

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