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Okay, we are never leaving

I wrote this for the Urban News over a year ago. I thought that you might enjoy it.


Okay, just stop it. I’m so tired of talking points. Both sides have ‘em. On one side, we have, “we can’t have politicians telling the generals in the field what to do.” Well, our Constitution has been set up in such a way that politicians tell generals what to do. On the other side, “the American people have spoken and have put us in charge to end the war.” Well, that is sort of true. If the American people unanimously wanted the war to end, then the Democrats would govern with 70 or 80% of the seats in both chambers.

There are a few things that are clear. First, the opinion of the American people has been slowly changing over the last two to three years. We’ve lost faith in the purpose and the execution of the Iraq war. In December 2003 (Quinnipiac University Poll), 46% of Americans thought that President Bush was handling the war in Iraq well. Over the years the percentage of Americans who supported the war and supported President Bush’s handling of the war has declined. In an April 25, 2007 poll from the same researchers, President Bush had an approval rating of only 31% on his handling of the war in Iraq. A new CNN poll (May 4-6, 2007, http://i.a.cnn.net/cnn/2007/images/05/08/rel6d.pdf) reveals that 57 % of Americans believe that Congress should send the president another bill with funding and timetables. (more…)

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Okay, I have Halo but I don't get it

A friend of my mine brought his son over, we sat down to play some video games.  I thought that Madden would be great.  We played but the 14 year old boy wasn’t all that impressed.  Now, when I mentioned that I had Halo, he went crazy.  He loves this game.  I think that it is okay but what’s the big deal.

Well Microsoft has pulled out all of the stops for Halo 3.  Advertising is everywhere.  From cereal boxes to the gas pumps, it would be interesting to find out how much Microsoft spent on advertising for a game.

I’m so stupid sometimes.  This is not just about games.  It is about the X-box 360 console and about their X-Box Live.  Its about moolah.

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